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HB160 – The Delaware End of Life Options Act

State Rep. Paul Baumbach has reintroduced his legislation from the last session that would create a process and set of procedures for terminally ill adults nearing the end of their lives to request, receive and use medication to end their lives.  The bill also includes counseling, physician’s evaluation and a waiting period before medication could be provided.

The bill would require 1) a presentation of all end of life options to the patient, which include comfort care, hospice care, and pain control, 2) a physician’s evaluation, 3) medical confirmation by a second physician, 4) psychiatric/psychological counseling when indicated, 5) the passage of two waiting periods, and 6) the completion of a formally witnessed request for prescribed medication. The bill provides many safeguards to ensure the patient is making an informed and competent decision, the right to rescind any request for medication, and immunity for persons participating in good faith compliance with the procedures. When the process is followed with its safeguards, the terminally ill patient is provided the right to receive medication to peacefully end the patient’s life in a humane and dignified manner.

Under this bill, a patient wishing to utilize this process must have “an incurable and irreversible disease that has been medically confirmed and will, within reasonable medical judgment” result in their death within six months.


UPDATED: 5/5/17

SPONSORS: Baumbach, Henry, Hansen, Sokola, B.Short

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HISTORY: Reported out of committee.

STATUS: Now on Ready List, waiting for a vote.

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1 comment on “HB160 – The Delaware End of Life Options Act

  1. Vicky Kleinman

    As an 83-year-old, I would be relieved to know that, when my life is ending, I could have at least some control should I wish to ease that process. Thank you, Rep. Baumbach, for proposing HB 160, The Delaware End of Life Options Act. Please, General Assembly, help to make that vision a reality.

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