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HB149 – The Complete Your Degree Program

State Rep. David Bentz has introduced this bill as the final part of the Democrats’ Fair Shot Agenda. This bill proposes to help Delawareans go back to school to complete a college degree, which will help them in the job market. HB149 creates the Complete Your Degree Grant Program, under which state funds may be provided to help eligible students who have completed at least 30 credit hours return to school and complete an associate degree.


UPDATED: 6/8/17

SPONSORS: Bentz, McDowell, Baumbach, Heffernan, Jaques, Keeley, Kowalko, Lynn, Paradee, Potter, Schwartzkopf, Viola

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NO VOTES: HOUSE: _______________ SENATE:______________________

HISTORY: Placed on the House Education Committee on 4/26/17

STATUS: Waiting on a hearing in committee.

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1 comment on “HB149 – The Complete Your Degree Program

  1. c'est la vie

    Young adults who struggle most are often those who did not finish college. This bill addresses that issue. That said, I’m not sure why it would exclude students who have been convicted of a felony. Students who have been convicted, served their time and are now trying to turn their lives around by returning back to school should have our support. I have the same issue with the Delaware SEED Scholarship Program.

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