Exceptional Delaware School Board Candidate Q&A

Kevin Ohlandt over at Exceptional Delaware conducted a Q&A with School Board Candidates up and down the state. Definitely have a read before you go vote next Tuesday May 9th.

You ARE going to vote, aren’t you?

Lake Forest & Milford School District Candidates

Brandywine, Capital, Caesar Rodney, Smyrna, & Woodbridge School District Candidates

Red Clay Consolidated School District Candidates

Christina School District Candidates (Both B & G seats)

Great work Kevin!

A dad, husband, and public education supporter. Serving on Christina School District's Citizens' Budget Oversight Committee since 2013. Co-chair of Christina's 2016 Referendum Committee. Often found lurking at Christina's Board of Ed meetings, furiously Tweeting and wielding my +15 Memes of Comedic Relief melee weapon to try and explain what's going on. I have to make it fun, or you'll just cry. Trying to be knowledgable about all things public education in Delaware; finances, operations, laws and spread understandable information to everyone. If you see me, say hi.

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  1. Not a single reply in Brandywine, Caesar Rodney, Capital, Smyrna, & Woodbridge School Districts? WTH?

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