Christina District B Candidate Responses

Part III of the School Board Candidate Responses features the 4 candidates vying for the Nominating District B seat on the Christina School District Board of Education. Check out what they have to say!

We have our responses (mostly) from all 4 candidates for the District B seat on the Christina School District Board of Education.

There are 4 candidates for this seat: Justin Day (no relation to Christina District G candidate Jeff Day), Angela Mitchell, Monica Moriak, and Karen Sobotker. The District B seat became available after the sudden resignation of former Board Member Meg Mason less than a full year into her first term.

Note, I forgot to attach the relevant news article excerpt to question 7 when I sent the questions to Justin Day, as such his answer does not appear in the document below. He’s not at fault for that. It’s on me. I did send a follow up communication with the question AND the article in question for his response. I’ll update the questionnaire when he responds.

Election Day is May 9th from 10am-8pm (that’s less than 8 days away!).

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  1. Allen Bernstein

    Well done. It’s a shame few people will read this. This information should have been more widely distributed.

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