Sussex GOP Meeting Caught on Tape

According to Joanne Cabry, the Sussex County Republican Committee’s meeting was recorded live for Facebook last night.  I suppose she means that it aired live on Facebook Live, but I cannot find the video right now.   But here is what Joanne says happened:

They [the committee] were discussing a motion in support of Senators Bonini and Lawson walking out of the Chamber when a Muslim said the opening prayer.

Representatives Ruth Briggs-King, David Wilson and Rich Collins were present. Each spoke toward the end of the discussion. Not one of these representatives spoke out against the actions of the senators. It was clear they didn’t want the motion to pass – for political reasons. Below are accurate summaries of the statements made by the three representatives.

  • Senator McBride likes to grandstand.”
  • This is a Senate “problem.”
  • That couldn’t happen in the House, “thank goodness,” because only representatives say the prayers, not guests.
  • In the House we have two Jewish representatives and they say prayers, sometimes in Hebrew.
  • Be careful because if this just keeps going they (‘they’ = Democrats) will use this for political gain. The News Journal will run with it, and they will prolong the story and it will just keep going.
  • Be careful of the “slippery slope.” Right now we say prayers but if this story continues the “ACLU” and others can try to get rid of opening prayers.

The motion was tabled.

We like to say all Republicans are bigots, or at the very least, enable and encourage bigotry in order to gain power and win elections.  Often, when we say it, we are being hyperbolic.   It is amazing how on the mark we were.   They are all bigots.  All of them.

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4 comments on “Sussex GOP Meeting Caught on Tape

  1. go to the Delaware Right Facebook page and you will find the video

  2. Amazing and depressing that their dumb enough to defend these two, despite their best efforts this is not Texas and it will not stand.

  3. They can’t find it in themselves to officially support the bigotry and they can’t find it in themselves to speak out against the bigotry. What are they, snowflakes?

  4. Why the fuck, are ANY goddamn prayers said on government property by ANY FUCKING government employee? I would expect any asshole who does this to be fucking impeached and possibly thrown in jail. This is absurd and should 100% be illegal. Separation of church and state, leave your fucking god out of government!

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