Carney Begins with a 61% Approval Rating; Carper 9th Most Popular.

According to Morning Consult, Governor John Carney has a 61% approval rating, and a 20% disapproval rating, with 19% unsure.    I feel like this is the default polling position for any Democrat in Delaware.   Governor Markell hovered at this level nearly his entire term.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. Senate, Carper’s recent progressive moves have bolstered him, or conversely, have not harmed him among the precious center (if that even exists) that Delaware Way practitioners always warn us about.  So take note Senator Coons and other Delaware Democrats.


Where is Chris Coons on this list?    He is at #25, with a 58% approval rating and a 26% disapproval rating.   Still good, but not as good.   I would love to see the internal tabs of this poll because I bet that his constant dramatic turns whining about Senate tradition and bipartisanship have taken a toll on his standing among Democrats.   Democrats want Democrats who are going to fight for liberal Democratic principles.  We don’t want some parliamentarian weeping about civility.  Not in this day and age.

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11 comments on “Carney Begins with a 61% Approval Rating; Carper 9th Most Popular.

  1. I agree I like Carper’s recent turn. That said the numbers of all three of those guys is pretty consistent with what they’ve polled since 2010. Coons is the newest statewide member of that trio and his numbers have always reflected that.

  2. dthompon3662

    I doubt carney will stay at that level.

  3. This list seems to be dominated by small states. I guess in small states like Delaware, Vermont, and Wyoming, they tend to like their senators.

  4. I tried to look up the details on this polling, but it was pretty opaque. No mention of how many people were polled in each state, for example. I wouldn’t pay a nickel for these “findings.”

  5. delacrat

    Tom Carper’s numbers are so good because he is under the protection of the Delaware NewsJournal.

  6. Rebecca Cotto

    I can’t imagine this is accurate as far as Carney goes. I don’t know if anyone who thinks he’s doing a good job. Pandering to the chamber of commerce and the wealthy doesn’t win you points in my book.

  7. Joan Deaver

    Keep an eye on international matters. Carper & Coons were for TPP. Now I hope they aren’t. You write,”Democrats want Democrats who are going to fight for liberal Democratic principles.”…I don’t want Dems who fight for Liberal Democratic principles unless the times call for that and right now they don’t. We’ve nearly given away our entire country, now it’s time to put it back together.

    • delacrat


      Could you say what “Liberal Democratic principles” are uncalled for right now and why not ?

      And who is this “We” who have given away our entire country” and to whom did “we” give it to ?

    • What do the times call for right now if not liberal Democratic principles? The TPP is supported by Third Way Democrats, not progressives.

  8. speaktruth200

    How anyone can refer to Carney as a liberal or a progressive is mind boggling. He is as corporate loving as they come. l) refuses to support legalization of pot 2) refuses to support single payer health care for Delaware, 3) refuses to raise a small sales tax 4) refuses to increase franchise taxes on corporations (many of whom are money laundering)! Refuses to admit the prison guards are brutal against inmates etc, etc.

  9. HAHAHAHA. Please show me someone who is elected to office in Delaware in support of #3.

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