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SB24 – Expanding Medical Marijuana

I have a serious question: if HB110, the legalization and regulation of marijuana, becomes law, doesn’t medical marijuana become irrelevant?   Anyway, this bill adds anxiety to the list of debilitating conditions which a person can have to eligible for medical marijuana, and removes the requirement that a psychiatrist be the physician who signs the written certification in support of an applicant’s application for medical marijuana.

UPDATE on 5/17/17. SB24 is/was a bill to expand Medical Marijuana to cover several new conditions like “debilitating anxiety, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety.”  The bill was supported by veterans who said the pharmaceuticals that are often prescribed to treat their PTSD are addictive, have painful side effects and don’t work.   But some medical groups, like the Delaware Medical Society and the Delaware Psychiatric Association and the Delaware Healthcare Association said the research showed that marijuana doesn’t help treat anxiety, and indeed could actually exacerbate the conditions.

Bill sponsor Senator Margaret Rose Henry promised to address those concerns in the amendment process, but then lines got crossed and no amendments were introduced and then the bill was suddenly on the floor.   Hence, the reason by 10 Senators voted “not voting.”   (Officially, the bill went down to defeat with 9 yes, 1 no, 10 not voting and 1 absent).   I am told a new bill with the concerns addressed will be brought back this session to address treatment of PTSD and other panic disorders, but not general anxiety.


UPDATED: 6/30/17

SPONSORS: Henry, Baumbach, Keeley, Townsend, Bennett, Q.Johnson, Osienski, Paradee, B. Short

YES VOTES – HOUSE: Everyone but the no and not voting.
NO VOTES – HOUSE: Dukes [Not Voting: Briggs King, Hudson, Collins, Postles]
YES VOTES – SENATE: Everyone but Bonini who was absent.

HISTORY: Passed House and Senate

STATUS: Waiting on Governor to sign

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5 comments on “SB24 – Expanding Medical Marijuana

  1. Even if HB 110 passes this is still important because it allows people under 21 access for medical purposes such as anxiety as well as easing access by removing the psychiatrist barrier.

  2. My wife gets medical marijuana, it’s much more than access. They have strains to use for specific illness and the staff is very helpful, it’s made a big difference here and is essential to me keeping her out of a home.

  3. speaktruth200

    Bamboozer correct. The strains of med marijuana are developed and created specifically for your individual need. My friend has Lupus and has had several back operations, she couldn’t sleep until prescribed med. marijuana.. The ignorant legislators who refuse to support legalization haven’t done the research or perhaps get big donations from Big Pharma who will lose billions when its legalized nationwide.

  4. I imagine there’s also different pricing for medical. I hope, at least, it’s not taxed in the same way as the proposal in HB 110

  5. Kim Petters

    Even if HB110 passes it will still be at least a year until you can start actually buying it.
    SB 24 would have helped a lot of veterans and people with PTSD as well as anxiety until then.
    Waiting another year or two to get access from 110 will cost lives.

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