Mike Pence Won’t Have Dinner Alone With Any Woman Who Is Not His Wife

I keep trying to write this, but it keeps sounding dirty. Mike Pence applies new definition to eating out? See what I mean???

For his part, Mike Pence is also very, very committed to ensuring that there’s never even the slightest appearance of impropriety with regards to his marriage. To achieve such a feat, Pence reportedly won’t have dinner alone with a woman who is not his wife; he also won’t attend any events where alcohol is served unless Karen is by his side. Suddenly the “mother” makes a lot more sense.

There’s so many possible reasons for this.

First, does Pence only views women as sexual objects – who you can never break bread with?

Second, doesn’t he trust himself to not be tempted by a woman Jezebel he’s dining with in a restaurant? What exactly does he think is going to happen in a public restaurant?

Third, this is a great way to limit women professionally. He’ll have dinner (lunch? play golf? go to “the club”?) with men he works with, but not women. Guess who gets his ear… and the promotion.

Fourth, he views women as threats and liars, fearing that they will accuse him of “something” if he has dinner with them. If he’s worried about that, then he probably has cause to be concerned about his behavior. Either that or his wife doesn’t trust him. At. All.

I think it’s parts of all four reasons – women are for sex, they tempt god-fearing men, they shouldn’t be in the workforce, they lie and his wife doesn’t trust him.

“He also won’t attend any events where alcohol is served unless Karen is by his side.”

Does he believe alcohol will make him behave differently? He needs a keeper if he’s having a glass of wine? Someone to make sure he doesn’t fall on top of another women? His wife is his protection… from behavior he’d participate in if she wasn’t around? That’s how it sounds.

I’m sure Pence thinks his “rules” make him appear pious, when they actually make him look like a man who can’t be trusted around women. Make no mistake, this is his issue.

But other conservative men agree:

7 comments on “Mike Pence Won’t Have Dinner Alone With Any Woman Who Is Not His Wife

  1. Prop Joe

    Color me shocked beyond belief!!! Seriously though, this S.O.P. for dinosaurs like Pence. Any poor behavior or decision on the man’s part is directly traced back to the falliability of women… If he drinks too much, it’s the woman’s fault. If he has “impure” thoughts, it’s the woman’s fault. Etc., etc., etc. Pence’s way of thinking on this is “fruit of the same tree” as his colleagues who state that there’s “legitimate and illegitimate rape”, who blame the way a woman dresses or behaves if she is sexually assaulted, who think women lack the intelligence and right to make decisions about their own bodies.

    While I will never live to see it, I nevertheless look forward to the day when men like this are all dead…

    • And what does it say about your relationship that you’d need rules like this? Is he that susceptible to “temptation”?

      I get this is for show, but I don’t think this behavior is sending the message he thinks it’s sending.

  2. delacrat

    In the unlikely event of Trump’s impeachment, Pence’s private life will the very least of our concerns.

  3. Prop Joe

    Mike Pence, an adult who is grown,
    Cannot sit with women alone.
    However, he can
    Stand by an old man
    Whose fondness for groping is known.

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