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Delaware GOP Shakeup In the Works

Both parties get their quadrennial reorganizations done after a Presidential election year and the GOP looks to get new leadership in a number of its executive positions.   The GOP State Chair Charlie Copeland, Vice Chair John Foltz and Treasurer Bill Smith will all step down from their positions as the GOP gets ready to select new leadership at their convention in April. Copeland leaves to deal with his new gig as the president of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, adding to his resume a pretty serious bit of wingnut welfare.

In spite of objections to the contrary, he still leaves behind a divided party — still divided by geography (above and below the canal)and divided by its Teajhadi faction and its more moderate faction. The news piece that I linked to has Senator Greg Lavelle pooh-poohing that split. But the fact that Charlie Copeland took on much of the teajhadist plumage as he was chair seems to indicate where this is all going.

Which could be a wonderful opportunity for Democrats in a state where people still think that people in government should work together. And I want to start by making clear that the opportunity is NOT in moving to the right, which really is the instinct of the local Dems, but in making the case of how right wing policies (especially as implemented by 45) are not helping working class people or Delaware interests. Dems need to start proposing and selling ideas that do help the broader community of Delawareans and let the GOP represent their wealthy interests and their socially backward interests. Because none of that is about helping to put anyone to work or to help build a road or to educate a child. The local GOP would have us be more like Kansas or Louisiana — states that are in various stages of failure — and it is high time the Dems start looking like they are clearly a different choice and a choice that is working for regular taxpayers.

The Democrats have their own convention coming up (in June, I think) where new leadership will also be voted on. There isn’t the same split in the D’s largely because progressives don’t have the same power base. Still — one thing that should be a no brainer as we move on is that Democrats Should Govern Like Democrats is a guiding principle we could all agree with.

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  1. Jason330

    Between DuPont dividends and his various wingnut welfare positions, Charlie is the perfect spokesman for the virtues of conservatism.

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