Dear Senators Coons and Carper — Co-Sponsor Medicare for All

So it looks like Senator Bernie Sanders will introduce a Medicare-for-All bill shortly. The first thing we need to know about this bill is that we are going to have to push like hell to get both Senators Coons and Carper to co-sponsor it. So once there is a bill, we’ll need to flood their zones to make sure they hear us.

Now, I do not know what this bill will look like when it finally is released, but this is of a piece with my thoughts that Dems have to come out with their own plan to fix Obamacare and get out in front of that solution well before the GOP is ready to revisit the bill. In fact, I listened to multiple Rs on NPR this morning talk about Democrats needing to be in the process to fix Obamacare and I would agree with that. So Dems need to have their plan for fixing Obamacare — lay down a marker — and get out to get support for it.

Medicare-for-All can be an interesting start to a longer term conversation. Even if this gets to just lowering the age to buy in and the ability to negotiate drug prices for Medicare, that’s pretty huge. Medicare-for-All is an excellent opening bid to improve everyone’s experience with medical insurance. And this is easy to explain too.

What I DON’T want to hear from our local Senators is any pooh-poohing of this thing. Both of you have been pushing the fake drugs narrative as a reason why you won’t support the importation of drugs from Canada, so you’re credibility is in peril here. You need to help us get in front of this thing.

Medicare-for-All won’t get anywhere in this Congress, but nor will any Democratic ideas to improve Obamacare. So why not go big?

4 comments on “Dear Senators Coons and Carper — Co-Sponsor Medicare for All

  1. This is something almost all Americans would welcome. The rich, Big Pharma and the Republican party excepted. I’ll call the two wonder dummies, repeatedly, just for fun.

  2. Cynthia Mattson

    Time to Demand National Single Payer Expanded Medicare for all
    Use this simple tool,
    let your voice be heard.
    Our Healthcare should not be dictated by profit margins.

    Medicare for All or “single payer” health coverage could never get traction because we were brainwashed by Republicans to believe it would be too expensive to implement. That was a big lie. It is obvious that eliminating private for profit health insurance and substituting Medicare type public insurance would be more efficient. There are numerous studies completed to estimate the cost of Expanded Single Payer Medicare for All. There are various proposals out there regarding how to fund an expansion of Medicare to cover every man, woman and child in America. The simplest and most workable is to simply raise the current Medicare tax. Medicare is currently 1.45% of wages. employers match that amount with another 1.45% making the total tax 2.9%. One study on a website called found that Medicare expansion could be funded by raising the Medicare payroll tax from 1.45% to 5%. That’s an increase of 3.55%. Simple arithmetic tells you that someone making $20,000 per year would pay an additional $59.17 per month in order to fund Medicare for All
    Someone earning $100,000would pay $3600 a year still cheaper than what most people pay.

    Please, urge your Representatives to break ranks with Republicans and represent the people, not the for profit insurance companies, not their billionaire executives, not the super rich who will get tax cuts at the expense of the working class. Make your voices loud and clear demand politicians Represent us their constituents. We must demand they do the right thing.
    It’s time too Demand National Single Payer Expanded Medicare for All. Put our health care needs ahead of big Pharma and insurance industry profits. Stop the Plutocrats of this Kleptocracy and the For Profit Health Care Industry Oligarchies.
    It has come to the point for profit health care industry holds us hostage for our very lives. We must reign in Big Pharma and end The for profit health insurance industry. The time for National Single Payer Expanded Medicare for all is now.
    This would solve the healthcare problems of this country,
    sanders single payer

    Reign in big pharma they don’t need to be involved in all our health care decisions.

    Good Health care does not need to be for profit.

    “Nonprofit Health Care’s Unique Role

    First, the basic purpose of nonprofit health care organizations is to improve the health and quality of life for as many people in their communities as possible, regardless of their economic or other circumstances. As such, they are our nation’s health care “safety net.”

    Second, while nonprofits in health care need some profits to remain going concerns, their profits need not be as great as those of for-profits in health care which have to satisfy the dividend and/or price appreciation expectations of their stockholders or other private investors. As a result, nonprofits can and do provide special “community benefits”–unprofitable but needed activities, services and programs for their communities.

    Third, nonprofit health care organizations are governed largely by leaders from the communities they serve, not by out-of-town investor representatives with no passion for those communities.

    Fourth, in keeping with the above three unique characteristics, nonprofit health care organizations are “in it for the long haul.” They are not “here today and gone tomorrow” with services following profit potential–not community needs.

    Lastly, virtually all the available research has found that nonprofit health care organizations provide better quality and customer service on average than their for-profit counter-parts. ”
    Then there is this to ponder:

  3. butrflybecca

    This is the time, nice article. Couldn’t have said it better, time for the Dems to be leaders.

  4. Delaware’s representatives must speak for it’s people. Listen to us and what we need. No poo-pooing and standing on the sidelines waiting for others to make the decisions that do not make a positive difference for us. We are counting on you !

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