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They Choked and the AHCA is Dead

Or maybe a zombie.  Paul Ryan should be speaking about this shortly.  News that I have seen says that Trump told Ryan to pull it since it seems that they did not have the votes to pass it.

This is a major loss for them and a major win for all of the #Resistors out there.  Because the thing that the most ideological of the GOP is completely disconnected from is that people want health insurance.  What they want is for premiums to be reduced and for deductibles to be less onerous.  The reality is that there was nothing about this approach that was going to make anyone’s life better, it was not going to make insurance better, it won’t make insurance cheaper.

And do not forget — the Master Negotiator started from a position of Insurance for Everyone and ended up proposing to drop 24M people from their insurance.  The smart thing is to drop the politics and just fix this.

So Obamacare survives — mainly because these guys couldn’t unravel it enough without killing themselves.

Mitch McConnell is probably doing a happy dance now.

So what’s next for Democrats?  I think they should propose a fix and start marketing the heck out of it.

2 comments on “They Choked and the AHCA is Dead

  1. They didn’t choke, but they do know failure when it stares them in the face, and this is it. Rest assured they’ll be back with a bill that tries to be radical far right and yet not offend everyone else on the planet, and if you think the latest go round was a resounding flop you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Will be interesting to see what the dynamic duo of destruction we call Trump and Ryan tries next. Word is that Trump is ready to walk away from it at this point.

    • They didn’t choke? They couldn’t bring themselves to repeal Obamacare without replacing it with major pieces of Obamacare. Then the Teajhadi Caucus didn’t think the replacement was brutal enough, so they got more hurtful elements added in — removing more of the Obamacare — and they kept losing votes.

      I really think that Obamacare boxed them in. Because Obamacare has most of the best of the GOP ideas already in it.

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