Write a Letter to Support the Passage of HB80!

We have discussed the importance of passing HB80 last week.  It would prohibit basing auto insurance rates on non-automotive related factors like your credit history, your age, or your annual income. Delaware United has started a letter writing campaign to the members of the Kitchen Sink Committee (I call it that because the name of the Committee is the Economic Development/Banking/Insurance/Commerce Committee) to encourage them vote the bill out of the Committee so it can have a vote on the floor.   Members of Delaware United will also be going down to speak in support of this bill.

Remember, this bill was drafted by Insurance Commissioner Trini Navarro to standing up for people who are struggling the most.  So let’s help him, and us, out.

It is really easy, and all you have to do is click on this link!

Share it with your friends! It takes two seconds, all the work is done, you just fill in your information and it sends it to the committee members emails automatically. If you can think of inventive ways to get this out, it will greatly help some of the poorest people in Delaware get affordable insurance, and help protect seniors from unfair price gouging.

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3 comments on “Write a Letter to Support the Passage of HB80!

  1. Thanks for helping us out and spreading the good word DD!

  2. Done!

  3. Over done! Nah! Just done, this is an extremely good idea. I have always hated attempts by the insurance industry to consider outside factors like credit scores in your insurance rate.

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