No Evidence

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told the White House press corps Thursday that popular vote loser Donald Trump's budget cuts Meals on Wheels and after-school nutrition programs because those programs "aren't showing any results."

Trump’s OMB Director says there’s no evidence Meals on Wheels or free breakfast in schools does anything helpful.  

Nope. I’m not kidding. Sometimes it’s not about “producing results” it’s about doing the right fucking thing, Mick. 

This is just appallingly disgusting. I hope every single Trump voter there feels real proud about taking a breakfast meal away from a school kid and a hot dinner away from the elderly.

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4 comments on “No Evidence

  1. In terms of marketing cruel and evil are not big sellers, this budget comes close to a national slap in the face and has thus far pleased no one. Good, now we get to see the Republicans further tear themselves apart trying to appease the “Freedom Caucus” and yet not face a lynch mob when they get home.

  2. The result of feeding the elderly and children is that the elderly and children get fed. That’s the result.

    I swear, this budget and the Republican “Health Care” proposal only result in people suffering and dying. Is that the plan? Let the most vulnerable among us die because it will save money? Sure sounds like it.

  3. delacrat

    “We have no proof that’s helping.”

    If he was talking about stuff like the wars-on-terror and drugs, oil & gas subsidies, Wall St. bailouts,….. he’d be spot on.

  4. There’s plenty of proof that these programs help. All of them are required to keep some data or another (it is part of the strings attached to the funds) and there are outside studies looking into many of these programs too. This is the 45 Base budget — one designed to signal that he is going to cut off help to those undeserving black and brown people even if it huts plenty of poor white people along the way.

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