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Last week, some friends of mine suggested that it would be a good idea if we had a Resist Calendar that had would act like a one stop repository for all the meetings of all the progressive groups that exist in Delaware, from Delaware United to UD College Democrats to Delaware Young Democrats to the various local RD meetings to Network Delaware and Pacem in Terris and many many others. It is an excellent idea and I started developing it. But I was too slow. The great folks at Delaware United were doing the same thing and were better and faster at doing it. Here is what they are saying:

By popular demand, Delaware United is proud to introduce the Delaware Activist Calendar! This is a searchable, shareable group calendar, powered by Teamup. It can be shared far and wide to cover all the various progressive Delaware groups’ activities–informing the public, across all groups, about exciting events up and down our state. We invite all progressive groups to join this calendar!
Currently, we hold six remaining administrative access codes, but we will possibly be gaining more in the future if needed. We’d like to offer those codes to the most active groups sponsoring one or more weekly events, but are happy to post events from all groups. So, if you don’t hold weekly, or bi-weekly events, but want your events to show up on the calendar, please send us an email with the basic information in it (you can use this template or send us a FB events link).

An amazing thing about this particular program is that any group can share this calendar on their Facebook page. (You can see what that looks like on the left side bar of Delaware United’s Facebook page, under “DE Activist Calendar.”). You can even embed the calendar on your group’s webpage. (You can see what that looks like on the homepage of All involved groups will have access to the calendar, and it will be the same calendar for everyone.

At last, every groups’ activities will be in one calendar, and that one calendar can be shared identically in multiple places. The groups that hold the most events, like Network Delaware, UUDAN, and other large organizations, can post their own events whenever they want! Smaller groups with fewer meetings can contact Delaware United via email or FB (again you can use this template or send us a FB events link) to have events posted for them.

This streamlined calendar literally can host all Delaware progressive events, and will be a great resource for our various groups and the public. Also, we can reduce overlapping events, duplicated efforts, and confusion as to what is happening when. We think this is a true gamechanger for our state. Anyone can view or search for specific types of events or groups, or just explore this calendar to find out all the events that are happening around the state with the click of a button. Delaware United is happy to be of service in this way, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about this wonderful new tool!

We have added the Calendar to Blue Delaware’s Facebook page under the tab “Activist Calendar.”

You can also find it at its direct link here.

And we have added a special tab on our own home page of Blue Delaware for the calendar:

If you are a large progressive group sponsoring one or more weekly events, contact Delaware United or us through our Contact Page and we will get it on the Calendar.

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  1. Fantastic!

  2. Thanks for posting this, DD! I second Paula’s “Fantastic!” Thanks to Delaware United – you guys are rocking it!

  3. NICE! You can add this calendar feed to your Google calendar too….

  4. Brilliant. So helpful. So important to stay clear, organized and focused!

  5. RE Vanella

    Very good.

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