Hey Republicans! How’s That Hypocrisy Working Out For You

Care to explain this GOP? Lord knows, you sure cared about it the last 8 years.


That’s a lot of spending of tax payers’ money. I thought you guys cared about this stuff? No? You’re just hypocrites with no consistent morals, values or ethics? Ok. Got it.

3 comments on “Hey Republicans! How’s That Hypocrisy Working Out For You

  1. As long as they are not held accountable nothing will change as the propaganda blitz attempts to minimalize and conceal the damage done. Of course it helps tremendously that their base like to sleep thru and ignore what’s actually going on.

    • Not only ignore, but put zero effort into understanding. One of the GOP’s greatest successes is convincing uninformed (dumb by choice) people that intelligence is a bad thing – to distrust it and go with their gut.

  2. delacrat

    A laid-off factory worker does not begrudge golf trips and vacations if the prez promises jobs, ….especially after the guy before him did little about jobs.

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