“If You Could Make White People Live for One Day as a Brown Person, This Whole Damn Country Would Be Different”

So… this happened.

Celestine Omin @cyberomin

I was just asked to balance a Binary Search Tree by JFK’s airport immigration. Welcome to America.

Crazy, no? Anyone think, for one hot second, that the CBP officers would actually know if his answers were correct? Me neither.

There are so many things wrong with this, I’m just going to resort to bullet points:


  • Nigeria is not on the travel ban list.
  • The travel ban list is unconstitutional.
  • Omin had a valid visa.
  • Visas don’t become “less valid” based on the color of your skin.
  • This would never happen to a white person, from anywhere.
  • This would never happen to a white software engineer.
  • This is a new jack literacy test.
  • Literacy tests are unconstitutional.
  • Have you ever flown from Nigeria to JFK? I have. It’s a long flight. If you ask me to name my children after that flight, there’s only a 50% chance I’d get it right.

Welcome to Trump’s Amerika!

8 comments on ““If You Could Make White People Live for One Day as a Brown Person, This Whole Damn Country Would Be Different”

  1. Let me take issue with one point. It is not true that this won’t happen to any white person. It happened to Mem Fox, from Australia.

    • LG, whoa whoa, you’re sounding like a Neo Nazi racist!

      • I mean, we are at war with Australia…

        But if you are trying to associate my comment with your stupidity, I’ll withdraw it.

        • Yes, we are at war with Australia. Let’s leave it there.

    • I hear ya, LG. I’m sure custom officials feel mighty powerful right now and that power will spread – in a “first they came for…” way. Since no one is keeping track of these incidents it’s impossible to know who is being treated to this sort of behavior, but given Trump’s travel ban, his suggesting Jews might be responsible for terroristic threats against them, VOICE, and removing white supremacists from the CVE, I’d still rather be a white non-American traveling here… for now, at least.

      • It seems like they are verifying people’s identity by googling things and quizzing passengers. WTF is with that? At least 30% of this country can’t critically analyze fake news. How can they decide what questions to ask a genetic engineer or an astrophysicist?

        Are we going to decide their access based on a buzzfeed quiz. “Which terrorist group should you belong to?”

      • LOL @ Buzzfeed quiz. It’s so true. These people are not qualified to quiz anyone on any occupation other than custom’s official.

  2. delacrat

    The EU is moving to require US nationals to apply for a visa before traveling to Europe.

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