Donald Trump on health care:

“Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

Really? Nobody knew?

Trump supporters will nod their heads in agreement because they didn’t know how complicated health care was either – and, gosh darn, if they didn’t know then nobody knew. The rest of us are embarrassed. For a guy that goes on and on about how smart he is… he easily disproves that statement every time he opens his mouth. Nobody knew, indeed.


2 comments on “WhoCouldHaveKnown????

  1. HyperbolicDem

    It is fantastic how he truly believes he is the first person to occupy the White House and acts as if he is creating a brand new government. His mentality is that if he hasn’t done it, it’s never been done, or attempted before.

  2. Healthcare is like education, endless debates followed by a brisk round of the blame game, repeat endlessly as needed. The Republicans have really handed the ball to the Dems on this one, they have promised the nearly impossible and the alarm was sounded months ago at this point. If they had an answer they would have paraded it around like it was the second coming a long time ago. What they really fear is that their answer will look a lot like Obamacare and 20 million people will still lose their insurance. Even better all the conservatives who screamed “my premiums went up a thousand dollars!!!” will now be paying a lot more with nobody to blame but the Republicans.

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