It’s Getting Salty in Here

Pictured here is a nice sign posted right at the entrance to Brennan Estates on 896 just north of the Summit Bridge.  Apologies for the quality, but it appears that the sign is chiding Democrats for spending upwards of $1 million on Stephanie Hansen’s special election win with significant contributions coming from out of state donors. “Why would out of state special interest groups spend $1 million to influence the election in a local state senate seat?” Is all I can make out from this photo. That and the truck loaded with money and Donkeys on the mudflaps. 

I can only imagine the outrage felt by DE Republicans as they were handily beaten at their own game using their own rules by Democrats. As a result I expect to see Delaware Republicans submitting a bill to convert all state elections to public financing exclusively, the minute the General Assembly reconvenes. 

I’ll wait. 

If anyone has a clearer pic of this sign please share in comments!

7 comments on “It’s Getting Salty in Here

  1. Republicans. Whether they win or lose they are always sore.

  2. Bwhahaha! Hoisted by their own petard???

  3. Geez, these people. I watched a FB conversation where one GOP person complained that the Democrats should have given that million dollars to Vaughn for an educational trust. He’s so disgusted by the D money that he might go third party. Give me a break. Doesn’t call for his own party to deal with money In elections — just whining that the Democrats refuse to unilaterally disarm.

  4. For what it’s worth, Dems could get on this ball too, propose legislation that makes all campaigns publicly financed. But the GOP whining about “outsider” money “influencing” elections is just sad. Bigly disappointing. I guess I also missed the point where voter turnout was a bad thing. I mean, you want voters to go vote in every election, so spending money to encourage them to go out and vote is a good thing, right? Unless your political party doesn’t encourage high voter turnout I guess.

  5. When I canvassed for Stephanie three weeks ago, I walked Brennan Estates. This walk made me truly concerned for Stephanie. There were Marino signs ALL OVER THE PLACE. I felt totally disheartened once I left. Now it all makes sense. Brennen Estates is obviously a neighborhood with concentrated Marino supporters.

  6. I guess they forgot about all that outside money that Christine O’Donnell used to unseat Mike Castle.

    Delaware is small, and therefore always has been susceptible to this. The Republicans are just upset because their fund-raising brings in about the same amount you could find with a metal detector on Dewey Beach.

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