Delaware United Action Alert – Sharpen Your Pencils! We’re Writing Letters!

Let’s do this! And look, actual writing is not required. Can’t make it much easier!

Letter Writing Campaign For Special Education Funding 

Hello again from Delaware United!  You told us you were interested in helping strengthen Delaware’s Education System, so we are reaching out to let you know of Rep. Kim William’s letter writing campaign to Gov. Carney.  We are asking him to make it a priority to help our special needs children with early intervention to help keep them on track to succeed later in life.  Please click on the link below to fill out a quick template that will help you compose your letter.

Click here to continue to the letter writing page!  It’s fast, and easy (takes about 90 seconds).

From Representative Kim Williams:

“Calling all educators, parents of special needs students, and anyone who wants to strengthen Delaware public schools! Please take a moment to join our letter writing campaign in support of my bill, HB12. Tell Governor Carney that K-3 special education funding MUST be a priority in this year’s budget! We are aiming to send 1000 letters to the governor this month, so please share this post! It only takes a minute or two, and every letter will help. Thank you.”

Click on the link and send your letter. The goal is 50. Surely we can do better than that! Share the link and spread the word!

2 comments on “Delaware United Action Alert – Sharpen Your Pencils! We’re Writing Letters!

  1. Thank goodness no writing is required. My handwriting looks more like a child’s then an adult who theoretically pays taxes and stuff.

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