Special Election Today!!!

I sense that momentum, passion and energy has always been on the side of the Hansen campaign, while the Marino campaign and the Republicans have spent the last three months complaining and whining.  But that all means nothing if our voters stay home and they win.   The only worse thing than a sore loser is a sore winner, and that is what the Republicans will be.  So let us deny them that.  Let us get out and vote.   Let us continue the opposition and resistance to Trump.  The result of this election will be discussed in the national news tomorrow.  And I want the result to be one that bolsters the Resistance, rather than inoculating the Trumpists.

Hillary Clinton won this district in 2016, 54%-41%.   John Carney won it 59% to 38% that same year.   But Bethany Hall Long had a close race in 2014, partly due to her husband’s shenanigans.  She only won by 2 points, and by 267 votes.   Below is the precinct chart for tonight so we can see how the turnout fairs and if Hansen is meeting her targets.




4 comments on “Special Election Today!!!

  1. The energy today is incredible… Overflowing with volunteers, greeters at every polling place, current Sens and Reps out walking or greeting…

  2. Coons was making phone calls at the Middletown HQ for awhile, I believe. There are so many 20-somethings helping out that it looks like a Friday afternoon at Firefly. Lots of canvassing in the larger neighborhoods.

  3. LiberalGeek reports on Facebook: “The turnout is roughly 50% of the regular election. This is pretty good. Several people told me that they were voting today to vote against Trump.”

    For a special on a Saturday, that is great turnout.

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