NYPD Wants Congress To Pay For Security

I 100% agree. Congress should pay to protect the President and first family. The average daily rate for New York is approximately $308,000.

Heavily armed police have had a full-time presence outside the 58-story Trump Tower since the then-real estate mogul became the Republican nominee in July. It intensified when he was elected Nov. 8, with unmarked cars and plainclothes officers. The security at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, one of the busiest intersections in the city, has constricted traffic and affected sales at luxury retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Gucci and Prada.


“The NYPD now serves a dual role in protecting the First Family and securing Trump Tower while simultaneously acting as a municipal police department,” O’Neill wrote. “Trump Tower itself now presents a target to those who wish to commit acts of terror against our country.”




In the future, city officials expect to pay between $127,000 to $146,000 a day for police to guard the First Lady and her son in Trump Tower, plus $4.5 million a year in fire department protection. Costs will increase to about $308,000 a day during presidential visits, O’Neill said.

This is ridiculous. Melania and Baron need to get themselves to DC and take on the job Trump signed his family up for – and yes, moving to DC is part of the job and one that exists, in part, due to security. And if they don’t, then New York shouldn’t be stuck footing the bill for their selfish decisions. I get why Melania and Baron don’t won’t to live with Donald, but he’s their problem.

New York should do what every state does in every other situation – cut back. Bet the move to DC would happen in a heartbeat if that happened. We need to stop this foolish indulgence. Being First Lady has requirements. It’s time for Melania to fulfill the role she agreed to.

I am 100% fine with providing all necessary protections for the first family, but this is ridiculous. Even the Beverly Hillbillies lived together.

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  1. Surprised New Yorkers are not up in arms about this, surprised Americans in general let it go on. Whatever the outcome of Trump finally is I suspect the president will be much more closely controlled at some point, and if it takes a constitutional amendment (like so many other things) then so be it.

    • Remember all the outrage over President Obama’s daughters receiving secret service protection? Can you imagine if Michelle stayed in Chicago with them while they were in school and if the Obama’s had a Hawaii “white house”.

      Par for the course (and we’re not even discussing the amount of time Donald golfs – which I thought was a no-no), since we even have a Republican citing gun violence as an excuse not to hold town halls. This from a group that just okayed people with mental illness to buy guns.

      Can we just make the definition of hypocrite in the dictionary be Republican?

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