Lavelle Makes Ass of Himself One More Time

Reports are that turnout has been high.

Some 6,055 people voted in the special election for the 10th District Senate seat – an area that covers Middletown, Glasgow and southern Newark – by noon Saturday, according to New Castle County election officials.

And Senator Greg Lavelle could not let the polls close before making a fool of himself once again.   He filed a complaint about people younger than 18 years of age voting in the election.   He says it is “outrageous.”  Except, it’s all perfectly legal.

Under state law, people under 18 are allowed to register to vote if they will be 18 by the next general election.  That allows them to vote in special elections even if they aren’t already 18, said Howard  G. Sholl Jr., deputy director of the New Castle County Department of Elections.

And you know what the absolute kicker is?  Greg Freaking Lavelle was the primary sponsor of the legislation making that legal!!   What a fucking buffoon Lavelle has turned out to be during this race.


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2 comments on “Lavelle Makes Ass of Himself One More Time

  1. He wrote the law and is now screaming “That’s not what I meant.”…. Which is pretty much what God does every time a Republican opens their mouth to opine about the justifications for policy.

  2. Anonymuch?

    Not sure which legislation Lavelle thinks he sponsored (but didn’t mean it that way!), but teenagers got the right to vote in this state when Reynolds du Pont was President Pro Tempore, before Democrats ever held the senate.

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