Just Following Orders

What’s next? Drowning kittens?

An undocumented immigrant diagnosed with a brain tumor while under Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody was returned to a detention center from a Texas hospital, her lawyers said. The woman, a Salvadoran national identified only as Sara, was released from Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, and taken to Prairieland Detention Center against her will, according to her lawyers. “She told us they tied her hands and ankles in her condition,” Melissa Zuniga, a member of Sara’s legal team, told The Hill. “She’s complaining of a lot of pain.”

She’s also been denied contact with her family.

In the meantime, Sara’s family and attorneys say they face a Kafkaesque, bureaucratic nightmare: unsure who has the power to let them speak to her and unsure if she will maintain consciousness long enough to tell them what happened. They say her doctors haven’t spoken to any of Sara’s family members or anyone on her legal team.

So… she’s no longer in the hospital? She’s now back a the detention center – with a brain tumor? I just can’t. Guess a young woman with a brain tumor is one of those “bad hombres” Trump was talking about.

There’s such heartlessness in this story, and “just following orders” isn’t an excuse. I guess it is an excuse, depending on who you relate to. And may I say, that I’m so over ICE’s tactics of entering court houses (and then lying about it), schools (schools!) and hospitals. Real tough guys we got there.



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  1. I’m going to come right out and say this… Decent chance I’ve said it before… But if this is what America is becoming, if this is our nation, then I think the great experiment has failed and needs to figuratively burn to the ground before it can rise up again. Yes, I know there are wonderful Americans out there working tirelessly to protect and fight for what’s right, but still our Government is on this path to moral/ethical bankruptcy. That was my non-coherent way of wondering “Do I even believe in America anymore if this type of governmental behavior will continue unabated for four years?”… I don’t know anymore… Too depressed to type coherent sentences and arguments! [insert anger emoji here]

    • I hear ya. Who are we? is what I keep asking myself. Have we lost the ability to see the difference between a “gang member/violent criminal” and a young women with a brain tumor? And those ICE agents who removed her from the hospital… well, there’s a special place in hell for those “just following orders”. But I guess “rounding up” people in hospitals, schools and court houses is easier (and lazier) than actually going after “bad hombres” in dangerous places. Such delicate little flowers.

  2. What is really scary is that Trump has succeeded using his own propaganda to makes these acts acceptable to many people. Using fear as the mainstay in his simple straightforward message, Trump has created his own language using immigrants as the scapegoats for all of our woes. By using the same simplified message over and over again, Trump has succeeded so quickly to move citizen’s subconscious actions into reality. So scary!!!!

  3. The US government does not respect hospitals.

    …..1) October 3 2015 US Air Force attack on a Medecin sans Frontieres hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

    …..2) August 2016 US backed Saudi attack on MSF hospital in Sana, Yemen.

    …..3) The no less than three Gaza hospitals attacked by USrael in 2014.

  4. And think of the misuse of resources here. What else could all of this enforcement effort be focused on that might make our lives actually safer.

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