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Sam Guy- “Attorney”

WDEL’s Joe Irizarry reports that Sam Guy is, well, being Sam Guy. Mr. Guy ‘Attorney’ (as his campaign signs stated, because it was apparently very important for us to know that) has filed a lawsuit against Council President Hanifa Shabazz and the City of Wilmington’s law department for not allowing his legislation to go forward on council prayer.

“There’s a lawsuit pending to find out whether council people can actually introduce stuff or whether these people have veto power over who can introduce legislation,” said Guy. “So, we’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

Tell me, is there anyone in the City of Wilmington, or New Castle County for that matter, that did not see this coming?

6 comments on “Sam Guy- “Attorney”

  1. What is up with all the flippin’ prayer stuff? You’d think they had nothing important to deal with. This is beyond embarrassing.

    So, ATTORNEY Sam Guy is upset because: “He claims they vetoed his prayer resolution so Shabazz can introduce her own differently worded legislation to include universal prayer.

    Universal prayer was changed to just prayer because it was too close to a specific religion.”

    I’d like to offer my own prayer: Dear god, please let City Council stop arguing about prayer and start doing their job. Amen.

  2. No place I ever worked at ever started the day with a group prayer.

    It was just assumed if you needed G$d to do your job, then you were in the wrong job.

  3. What slays me here is that he freakin’ won. Shabazz put back the opening invocation, made it relatively pluralistic and it passed. So now this fool is going to waste more of Wilmington’s money on a lawsuit.

    I watched this Council meeting last night and was pretty distressed over the disrespect Guy pointed towards Shabazz. Plenty of mansplaining in the house accompanied with plenty of silly challenges to her leadership. Notice to all of the (female) councilmembers who have been celebrating the first African American woman to lead Council — if you are going to vote for all of the windmill tilting Guy is going to do, you could at least push back on the astonishing disrespect this man points at the woman in this historic position. Because if you are not helping Hanifa Shabazz now, you won’t be getting much help when Sam Guy points this BS at you.

  4. butrflybecca

    The prayer stuff right now with the muslim ban makes me nervous. And like this city has time for this shit. Fix the city, find ways to fight the crime. reopen and build community centers, I feel as though this is a distraction from real work. Trumpish?? weird right

    • I have been thinking similarly. What is coming that they are trying to distract us ?

  5. Changeagent

    It is easier to focus on this issue instead of the complex issues like crime, vacant and blighted properties , collapsing real estate market, unsafe parks, a community center that is deplorable , an ineffective summer youth program , public safety ,etc etc. I will pray for the city and leadership to focus on the hard stuff.

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