Donald Trump’s Press Conference, or… The Ravings of a Delusional Mind

The man is unhinged, or in Josh Marshall’s words:

“It all amounts to a confirmation of what most of us already know. This man is not emotionally or characterologically equipped to serve as President. He lacks the focus, the ability to commit to even a passable amount of work without immediate emotional gratification. Thus his decision to hold a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday. (It’s literally a campaign event, put on by his 2020 reelection campaign). Trump lacks the emotional resilience or toughness to deal with what is the inevitable criticism and difficulties of being President, which – lets be clear – are great.

These different deficits all feed upon each other. He lacks the steadiness for the job.”

Trump uttered these gems during the press conference:

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that “Russia is fake news” and insisted that he has no business connections in that country.


Trump appeared to be responding to a Tuesday report from the New York Times that members of his campaign staff made repeated contact with Russian officials before the 2016 election.

He better hope that claim holds up.

“This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine.”


“The leaks are absolutely real; the news is fake.”

He really needs to pick a side on this issue. It can’t be both. If the news of the leaks is fake then the leaks are fake.

“I’m not ranting and raving.”

He rants and raves and then puts on his whisper-calm voice and says he wasn’t ranting and raving.

In one particularly off-the-wall aside, Trump noted that both Russia and the U.S. are “very powerful” nuclear countries and that friendly relations between the two nations are a positive because his security briefings have taught him that “nuclear holocaust would be like no other.”

Well, that statement will keep me up at night. He sounds like having a nuclear holocaust would be really cool!

“I am the least anti-Semitic person that you have seen in your entire life.”

To Trump, it’s not enough to be anti-Semitic, he has to be the least anti-Semitic – or the most un-anti-Semitic.

Questioned by April Ryan, a veteran reporter for American Urban Radio Networks, on whether he would include the Congressional Black Caucus in his plans to revitalize black urban neighborhoods, Trump replied, “Are they friends of yours? Set up the meeting.”

Because all black people know one another, don’tchaknow. But, don’t worry, I am sure he’s the least racist person that you have seen in your entire life.

Unhinged and “emotionally or characterologically” unequipped to serve as President are kind descriptors.



3 comments on “Donald Trump’s Press Conference, or… The Ravings of a Delusional Mind

  1. Brilliant observation – – “He really needs to pick a side on this issue. It can’t be both. If the news of the leaks is fake then the leaks are fake.”

  2. Did you hear Jake Tapper’s assessment of the presser? Calm, measured and concise he tears Trump a new one several miles wide. Trump endlessly plays to his base, but his base is an ever shrinking minority, in the mean time he’s alienating rational voters at a rapid clip. I remember Nixon and the way things went, this is much, much quicker and the statements about the president growing less guarded by the minute. Nixon lasted approximately 5 years, quick show of hands on Trump making it to two years?

    • I saw the Tapper clip. Amazing… and just brutal.

      Here’s a tweet. A senator!

      The Hill ‏@thehill 11m11 minutes ago

      GOP senator on Trump press conference: ‘He should do this with a therapist, not on live television”

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