Rep. Potter Wants Prayer Back In Schools

He’s so insulting.

“Before the end of session it’s going to take place,” said State Rep. Charles Potter promising to introduce legislation to bring prayer back to state schools.  Prayer was removed from schools in the early sixties, but Potter believes bringing it back will help school performance.

Potter: “I’m going to be working with the preachers and other people. I believe when we took prayer out of school it changed a lot–look at our schools now–it has a lot to do with prayer and getting them direction, something to believe in.”

He goes on to say how everyone needs prayer in their lives – to make things better.

Morals and ethics are not tied to religion or praying, Mr. Potter. Not by a long shot.

What is up with all the rules about praying. First City Council, now this nonsense. Pharisees, every last one of them.

BTW, whose prayer, Rep. Potter? Will we mark out time for all religions? That should take up the entire school morning. How about kids with no religion? Sounds like your plan would force them to pray. I mean, if prayer helps school performance then everyone must pray, right? It would be like homework.

I’m praying you’ll go away, Rep. Potter – and take your forced prayer with you. You’re an embarrassment. A grandstanding, attention-craving embarrassment.

7 comments on “Rep. Potter Wants Prayer Back In Schools

  1. So how’s that Baynard Stadium task force coming along? Asshole.

    • Heard from someone today that he thinks the GA is going to give him money for Baynard. Which seems like seriously wishful thinking given this budget.

  2. Heard this one a thousand times, usually accompanied by “we need to bring god back into schools”. Dem or not I suggest he take his bible (and Koran if he’s got one) the hell home and keep it there. This is the kind of stupidity that drags states straight into court with all the associated costs, and he damn well knows it.

  3. This is usually the go to play of legislators with not much else they can do. In this instance, Rep, Potter really could ask the GA to put the right resources back into City schools, but hey. Maybe he is thinking that parents won’t notice that their kids are not getting the education they should if they get a chance to pray during the day.

  4. I find that usually those who incessantly squawk about religion and prayer the most, are the ones who should actually practice what they preach.

  5. stan merriman

    I hate to inform you Rep. Potter….but if people so choose, they are and have always been free to privately pray to whatever as they wish, just not force others to do it in the same way or not pray at all if they prefer. This is freedom of religion in a democratic society.

  6. There was prayer in the public schools I attended. There was also bullying, smoking in the bathrooms,fights in the halls, and teenage pregnancies too…. so go figure.

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