Conservatives Love Them Some False Equivalence

No. Just no.

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Via TPM:

A cartoon depicting Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who faced protests last week that briefly prevented her from entering a school, in an iconic civil rights painting made waves on the Internet Tuesday.

The cartoon, created by artist Glenn McCoy, depicted Devos as the African-American girl in Norman Rockwell’s 1964 painting “The Problem We All Live With,” who is walking to an all-white school amid protests and violent resistance to school de-segregation.

How anyone could equate a elementary age black girl’s experience with 1.5 billion net worth Betsy Devos escapes me. Who in their right mind thinks these two events are comparable? It would be like your friend telling you they have cancer and you replying that you have a hangnail. Why do conservatives insist on co-opting the experiences of others? Why don’t they use the words and struggles of other conservatives? (There actually isn’t an answer to that question.) Special snowflakes, indeed.

Notice how the armbands on the comic are drawn in but not defined. Wonder what kind of armbands the cartoonist intended. I doubt that omission was an oversight. Guess we found the line he wouldn’t swastika cross.

5 comments on “Conservatives Love Them Some False Equivalence

  1. Pretty choice how Republicans work at promoting their own (fake) victimization when they are in gear to victimize others.

    • They co-opt everything. Probably because there are no heroes among them.

      What’s amazing is that conservatives, of yesterday and today, would be the ones jeering at the little black girl.

      • They are STILL jeering this black girl. What kind of snowflake needs military escort to school? All she had to do was step through the doors without the fuss.

  2. This Twitter comic fixed the cartoon.


  3. Said cartoonist must like an assortment of brickbats flying thru his office window, this is repugnant.

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