Oklahoma State Legislator Just Comes Out And Says What We All Know

Here’s Oklahoma state legislator, Rep. Justin Humphrey’s words:

Ultimately, [Humphrey] said, his intent was to let men have a say. “I believe one of the breakdowns in our society is that we have excluded the man out of all of these types of decisions,” he said. “I understand that they feel like that is their body,” he said of women. “I feel like it is a separate — what I call them is, is you’re a ‘host.’ And you know when you enter into a relationship you’re going to be that host and so, you know, if you pre-know that then take all precautions and don’t get pregnant,” he explained. “So that’s where I’m at. I’m like, hey, your body is your body and be responsible with it. But after you’re irresponsible then don’t claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you’re the host and you invited that in.”

In a weird way, that’s almost refreshing. The gloves are off and Humphrey isn’t even pretending this is about life or the standard Republican lie that women are victims. That’s Republicans usual go-to. Women just don’t understand and are incapable of making their own decisions. Guess Republicans are throwing that BS out the window.

There’s so much here. First, women are “hosts”. Like Alien? They no longer are autonomous. That’s mind blowing. But the more interesting point is not that abortion is wrong, but the fact that whether a woman can have an abortion is placed in the hands of men.

Seriously, if abortion is “wrong” then why is Humphrey letting the man decide between a woman having or not having an abortion? What he’s saying is that abortion should be allowed if the man says it’s okay. He places every bit of responsibility on the woman before pregnancy then places her under a man’s control once pregnancy occurs.

His statement is stunningly honest. He isn’t concerned with abortion. He’s concerned with the woman making the decision on her own. Obviously, a “host” can’t make a decision. Calling human being a “host” is beyond insulting – it’s dehumanizing. It does, however, give you insight into how the GOP views women.

And here’s the thing. Most men are aware when their partner gets pregnant. They go through the process as a couple. If the man is out of the loop then why isn’t it his responsibility to check back with his sexual partners to discover if pregnancy occurred? Why is it her responsibility to tell him? I mean, if he cared, he’d ask, right? Sheesh, this feels like Legally Blonde. If he doesn’t follow up by checking on his sperm then why isn’t that abandonment or disregard. Why does he have to be informed to care? If he cared, he’d inform himself.

The key take-away here, yet again, is punishment. The woman must pay for her “pre-known” irresponsible behavior.

Consider this: The only way this proposed law comes into play is if a woman decides to have an abortion – if she’s already made her decision. Bringing in the man only acts as veto power over that already made decision. And if he’s okay with her decision? Then abortion is a-okay! That is exactly what this bill says – abortion is fine if a man says so. So much for all that “pro-life” stuff.

Question: Since women are devious, irresponsible liars, what’s to stop them from getting their progressive guy friend from saying he’s the father and that he approves of the abortion? There’s a business opportunity here: Rent a sperm donor for the day!

Buckle up, because State Houses across the country are going to be flooded with bills like this. Women’s bodies are really the only things Republicans govern.


9 comments on “Oklahoma State Legislator Just Comes Out And Says What We All Know

  1. HyperbolicDem

    Just. To. Many. Thoughts. To. Express. Them. All.

  2. I’ve followed this issue for decades. None of this is surprising. Republicans don’t care about abortions. They are 100% about controlling women. If they cared about abortion they never would give men the authority to decide if an abortion happens… but they did just that with this bill.

    I get that they’re trying to put up road blocks to abortion, but their chosen method reveals their real agenda.

  3. While I never underestimate the stupidity of Red State politicians I suspect they’ll be avoiding this one like the plague it is, there has got to be a limit to what even far right conservative women will take.

    • I’m not sure about that, bamboozer. Far right conservative women have trouble looking past their own situation and empathizing with others (just like conservative men). Of course, they have no trouble sneaking their daughters off to get an abortion. That’s different in their eyes. Just like their unemployment benefits, social security, medicare, roads, libraries etc. are different. They’re special.

  4. I’m anti-abortion, but when a man dismisses women by referring to them as hosts (“what I call them is, is you’re a ‘host.’”) that has to be beyond the pale. Instead the response seems to be about continuing a patriarchal dominated society.

    I don’t do outrage because when everything is outrageous nothing is (yeah, I know I say that a lot), BUT in this case, I am outraged about the reference to women as hosts as if they are objects or a nutrient source on which others feed like parasites.

    While there is certainly a symbiotic relationship between a mother and child during (and after) pregnancy, to employ the word “host” almost leaves me speechless.

    Shouldn’t all the hosts be commenting about the imagery associated with his statement?

    • Once you label a human being a “host” all autonomy is gone. Hosts exist for the purpose of others – they have no say.

      I’m not the least surprised that Humphrey said this. At least this is honest – at least he (and others) are no longer pretending this is about life. This bill is quite clear – only men decide if a pregnancy can continue.

  5. We could turn this around and suggest that the man is just a donor. When I donate somewhere, I should know what the person or entity that I’m donating to might do with said donation. You don’t get to go back and demand that they do something else with your donation. You knew when you donated what MIGHT happen to that donation, and yet you still donated. If you aren’t comfortable with something they might do with the donation, don’t donate.

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