Carney gets chance to appoint a Republican to the Supreme Court

During his two terms, Former Governor Jack Markell got to appoint or reappoint four-fifths of the entire Delaware judiciary. He appointed or reappointed the entire Supreme Court, with Justice Randy Holland being his only reappointment in 2011. Now Justice Holland wants to retire:

He announced Thursday that he will retire at the end of March.

“I served 30 years in December, and it seemed like a good time,” Holland said. “I really enjoyed being on the court. But if I was ever going to do anything else in the law, now is the time to do it.”

The retirement gives newly elected Gov. John Carney an opportunity to nominate a new justice within 60 days. The law dictates he must choose a Republican to maintain the court’s political balance; tradition dictates he will most likely choose a Sussex County resident to maintain the court’s balance of all three counties.

I maintain that the law requiring political balance is unconstitutional and idiotic.  If you want to have a Republican on the court, you should have a Republican win the Governorship.

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