Wilmington City Council Members Think That Our Biggest Problem Is Restoring Prayer to Council Meetings

Wilmington’s City Council usually meets ahead of each legislative session to review and make changes to the rules they operate by.  Those rules — once agreed to by the majority (if not all in most cases) — are then brought up in City Council the first week or so of the year for an official approval.  This is usually a run-of-the-mill bit of business, except in this year’s organizational meetings, there was a proposal to drop the official invocation usually given before each council meeting and replace that with a call for a moment of silence.  That moment of silence is meant to let each person at Council to pray, meditate, chant or work out the value of Pi — a small bit of time to let each person access their source of strength and focus to get to the business of the City.

Once the new rules came up for a vote, all heck broke loose.  Suddenly, Councilpeople who thought this was OK when the cameras were not running, now found that they wanted to keep the public invocation.  Sam Guy posted his comment on FB:


Now we have multiple City Councilpeople who are now doing all kinds of work to get this invocation back.  But do you know what they are NOT working on?

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The City’s structural deficit problem and the fact that it does not look like the State is going to be much help.

Or even why this part-time City Council needs a staff of 15 — and 7 of them are for their internal TV channel.

And that is no where near a complete list.  Wilmington has alot of problems that need to be resolved and if the thing these City Councilpeople are ready to suit up for is a public prayer, we really need to come to grips with downsizing this group of people.  Because they are going to be more interested in performing for a camera and have no intention of leading on any solutions here.

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  1. It’s a government body. Cut out the public praying. Wasn’t this “public display of devoutness” covered in the Bible? Isn’t it a no-no? Something about people who pray publicly being hypocrites – only wanting to be “seen” by men.

    I can’t believe they’re wasting time on this.

  2. Seriously, there is gonna be more of this kind of thing. I’m betting this organization pretty much becomes a sideshow while the Purzycki Administration runs right by them.

    It just slays me when people fight for the right to show off just how religious they are. How about just getting your prayer on and let others do the same? Or not? Not everything needs to be a performance on camera.

  3. Can’t they get their prayers done on their own time ?

  4. And it time to express contempt yet again! Pathetic, is it not? Out of all the problems the eternally problematic Wilmington has this is what concerns the little idiots.

  5. They should probably vote to raise the salary of the Police Chief so that the Mayors office can do a legitimate national search. Which is impossible with the current salary

    • I’m pretty sure this is coming. And if I were these guys, I’d be preparing to ask for some accountability in return for support. But that would mean showing up to govern, rather than pray for the camera.

  6. If devout Council members really believe that a group prayer endeavor magically provides for more divine intervention compared to a less public display of individual personal piety with a moment of silence, I fear for our very democracy, let alone anything productive coming from this group.

    • Something that really strikes me at this point is how disengaged City pols are with all of the democratic activity surrounding them. As far as I can tell, they have not been engaged with any of the protests, have not been cheerleading for help for Stephanie Hansen’s campaign, have simply not at all been a part of any of the energy of the past year. (Exception is Kevin Kelly who I know has been on the doors or phonebanking for Stephanie.) I’ve been thinking about that and my theory is that this is a part of the City’s broken political landscape. Worth thinking about further.

  7. Nicholas A. Brush

    Hey City Council ! If you need organized GROUP prayer on behalf of everyone present, you have plenty of time for that at your favorite church. Organized group prayer on behalf of everyone present is not appropriate at a gov’t meeting, because you’re supposed to be representing all the people, not just the people who share YOUR faith. If you really need to pray, you can always pray silently to yourself; no need to impose it on everyone else you’re supposed to be representing. How about focusing on doing the job you were elected to do ?!?!

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