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Coons on board with Democratic filibuster after all?

So in this segment from the Rachel Maddow Show last night, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says the Democratic filibuster will hold.  He says that they will require a cloture vote that garners 6o yes votes in order for the nomination to proceed to the floor for a final confirmation vote.   Yesterday, I posted excerpts from a National Review article that said the following:

“In the past week or so, nine Senate Democrats have stated that Judge Neil Gorsuch deserves an up-or-down vote in the Senate — implying that they would not vote to support a filibuster to block his nomination,” National Review reports.  The nine: Richard Blumenthal, Chris Coons, Joe Manchin, Dick Durbin, Heidi Heitkamp, Claire McCaskill, Jon Tester, Joe Donnelly and Jeanne Shaheen.

Senator Coons has said this regarding the Gorsuch nomination and Democratic efforts to block him:

“On the issue of the Supreme Court, I am not going to do to Judge Neil Gorsuch what Republicans did to Merrick Garland, and refuse to give him a hearing. [That was] an unprecedented and extreme step. I think he should get a hearing and the American people should hear his views and his record and go from there.”

As you can see, Chuck Schumer is right.   Chris Coons has not said that he will vote yes in a Cloture vote, as the National Review implied.   Chris Coons wants to give Judge Gorsuch a hearing, which was denied to Judge Garland.    And Chris Coons probably, though he does not directly said it above, wants Gorsuch to get a vote.  A cloture vote is a vote.  And no where has it been said that Chris Coons would vote yes in a cloture vote.

Having a hearing and having a vote is pretty much out of the hands of Democrats anyway, since the GOP controls the Senate.  They are going to be scheduled and held.  But if Chris Coons wants to hold those up as his litmus test in treating Gorsuch differently and better than Garland was treated, fine by me.  Just so long as he does not vote yes in the Cloture vote.

Voting yes then would end his career as a Democratic politician.

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5 comments on “Coons on board with Democratic filibuster after all?

  1. Might as well filibuster – it’s power has been gone for a while, and there’s really nothing to lose. Josh Marshall calls it a mirage. And we all know Republicans are going to get rid of it as soon as it gets in their way. The only decision Dems have to make is choosing the date Rs kill the filibuster. That’s pretty much it.

    Okay, they could also cave in to the threats of doing away with the filibuster and giving Rs the votes they need, but that’s exactly the same thing as getting rid of the filibuster. Better for Dems to make a stand now (since all roads lead to the same place) rather than giving in and replaying this same scene over and over again.

  2. The initial NRO article was a stretch in the first place. The writer was trying to gin up a story and interpreted things various Democrats have said to reach his total of nine.

  3. I agree, McConnell will, at some point, get rid of the filibuster, If not now than later. Better to have the battle be joined and get it over with. As for Coons, occasional warrior dwarf that he is, perhaps the phone calls worked.

  4. Got off the phone with Coons office an hour ago. His “spoke lady” said he believes the Nominee deserves a hearing and he will not filibuster.

  5. speaktruth200

    He has had a hearing! He refused to tell how he would vote on a variety of issues. I believe Coons like to see his face on TV and we know now Coons has supporter republicans more than democrats. Its time for Delaware to find a real progressive not a multi millionaire voting against middle class and working families. Gorsuch’s votes are well known, he is corporate led.

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