The Election for DSEA (Delaware State Education Assoc.) President Seems To Be A Mess

So… there was a tie. Okay, these things happen. However, I have some questions. Mainly about the paragraphs below.

Via delawareonline:

Preliminary results will be presented for certification to the DSEA executive board at its Feb. 16 meeting, the union said.

An email to union members states that at that meeting, the executive board will be presented with any uncounted ballots postmarked before midnight Jan. 23, when voting closed.

They may subsequently be counted, and the tie may be resolved at that time, the email implies.

If the tie stands, the DSEA will hold a runoff election. The winner will replace President Frederika Jenner, who is coming to the end of her second three-year term.

Wait… there may be uncounted ballots? And if they exist they may be counted? And if these uncounted ballots exist and if (perhaps? maybe?) they’re counted – and I have no idea what criteria would be employed for deciding to count or not count these uncounted ballots – then the tie may be resolved at that time?

That’s a lot of ifs and mays.

Yeah, I’m going with… Let’s hold a runoff election (or just rerun the whole thing), because this is a mess and I wouldn’t be comfortable with results from these “maybe they exist, maybe they don’t” ballots and the “maybe we’ll count them, maybe we won’t” approach.

Time to start over, people. Perhaps begin with updating and confirming your email list. Then, perhaps, add a link on DSEA’s homepage to request a ballot or submit a members current email (I’d hope that already exists). BTW, if there’s a teacher without an email account they need to go, because… come on. It’s 2017. But that may be just my pet peeve. Then count all the ballots.

This election is tainted – whether or not anyone did anything wrong. It’s simply a mess – and cleaning up this mess won’t be achieved by counting or not counting ballots that may or may not exist. If the plan is, “Oh look! We didn’t count these ballots that we just discovered and now will count and that means so-and-so wins!” Good luck with that one.

Time for a do-over, DSEA.

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  1. Shades of hanging chads. But this shouldn’t have been that complex since the ballots went to members via email, right? Unless they got back ballots that just weren’t marked at all.

  2. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to think that some people in power might not really want Matthews.

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