It’s Not Only Faux News That’s a Problem

It’s also ignoring other news.

Five days ago, a terrorist — a Trump-supporting white nationalist — murdered 6 in a Quebec City mosque. The White House had no comment.

Toss this in with Kelly Ann Conway’s Bowling Green Massacre LIE and you can see how Trump and co. are shaping the news. And, make no mistake, all of this is deliberate.

3 comments on “It’s Not Only Faux News That’s a Problem

    Click through, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. I saw some people posting the photos of the people who were killed in the mosque shooting, since it looked as though there was lots of attention being paid to the shooter. The point was also made that (at least in America) if the shooter had been Muslim and shot people in church, that there would have been non-stop coverage of those who had been shot. It is all about the media narrative and who you are meant to sympathize with, right? I’ve also seen people who have taken to correcting headlines that define this shooter as a “lone wolf” — words that would not have been used if the shooter had been Muslim.

    The news is really complicit in helping to devalue the lives of people of color all over.

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