Question: Which Country Will Trump Go To War With First?

I’m betting Mexico. Although… maybe Australia.

9 comments on “Question: Which Country Will Trump Go To War With First?

  1. Steve Bannon is actively cheerleading for war with China.

    Definitely get your kids’ deferments and/or dodging strategy in order.

  2. We would lose a war with China. They realize that, right?

    • We would all lose in a war with China. Except maybe Russia, who I imagine would be delighted to see this fight go on. I imagine that we’ll see some reports shortly about how the Chinese are accelerating their militarization efforts.

  3. I don’t know about a war with Mexico, though. It sounds awfully close to Exporting Jobs Overseas.

  4. Any war will be far away from “the home land” so people cannot see what’s really going on. Like usual I suspect said war will be for profit, and not just the military industrial complex. Finally war will not occur where Trump has investments, suspect he has a few odd millions in China like all the rest of the one percent. Think small, weak , unstable and no means of fighting back other than terrorism.

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