Debate TONIGHT for SD10 Senate Race

This is hosted by WDEL and they report that all 3 candidates–Democrat Stephanie Hansen, Republican John Marino and Libertarian Party candidate Joseph Lanzendorfer–will attend.  The debate is at Middletown High School and starts at 7 p.m. Seating is first come, first serve.  I imagine that WDEL will also broadcast this as well.

Let us know if you are planning on going!  I can’t go (for now), but if you do, please share your observations and photos with us.

9 comments on “Debate TONIGHT for SD10 Senate Race

  1. I expect Blue Delaware to be a topic as Marino tries to make Stephanie apologize for my words rather than hers.

    • And I am hoping she reminds people that Blue Delaware is not running for Senate. If you go back to that FB thread a bunch of folks asked Marino some pointed questions about his own positions. He couldn’t answer them, of course, which sounds to me like he is basically waiting for his Washington handlers to give him his marching orders. We live here in DELAWARE, which means that we have a boatload of our own issues to deal with. And we need to get those done without the chaos and obstruction that the Washington types bring here.

      The man has NO positions other than being against one party control.

  2. “The man has NO positions other than being against one party* control”

    *Republican party excluded.

  3. @ Brian of course you fail to do the research, necessary to make an informed decision. But, you’ll of course vote along party lines and that is understandable.

  4. It was a pretty good debate. No big punches landed. There was actually a good deal of agreement between the candidates. Loudell could have given some better ground rules for the audience. It was starting to get out of control like a poorly officiated football game.

    Agreement: Keep taxes low (sigh), state workers got the shaft under Markell, we need to treat drug addicts instead of arrest them, high-stakes testing sucks and the death penalty should stay gone.

    Disagreement: Abortion, right to work and whether Democrats are to blame for all of the ills of Delaware.

    • I noticed how Marino avoided many of the Republican questions — which looked to me like he was expecting to be a stealth disruptor. He would be the reason why the DC Republican BS could come here and since that accomplishes nothing, he wasn’t well prepared on any issues other than Democrats are the problem. It sounded like there was a full house though.

  5. shughes2853

    Stephanie Hansen did a great job last night. She needs a surge of all available volunteers in these final weeks! PLEASE come out and help her over the finish line. If you were at that debate at Middletown High School last night – you heard Marino’s responses – he was booed several times – loudly. But, he’s got a lot of rabid volunteers and the thought of him in the Senate seat makes my blood run cold.

    He spent more time trashing and bashing Democrats – I’m still not sure what his message was – except the following one which left me in disgust –
    Asked about Roe V Wade – he stated how wrong it is for a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb and it just went downhill after that. No words…

  6. This election is featured on Flippable — is there any way her campaign can take advantage of this?

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