SCR4 – Ronald Reagan Day

So Senator Colin Bonini (R) can be counted for two things: 1) voting no, on everything and 2) introducing a Resolution or 12 commemorating Ronald Reagan. He is back with a new one this year designating Ronald Reagan’s birthday on February 6, 2017 as Ronald Reagan Day.  This passed the Senate 19-0, with Cathy Cloutier absent.  But it will not be passed by the House in time because the House is not in session until after February 6.

Next time, how about we pass a Joint Resolution designating every February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day and every August 4 as Barack Obama Day.   That way it is bipartisan!   And we only have to do it once, and not every year until the end of time.

UPDATE: 4/18/17

SPONSORS: Bonini,  Bushweller, Collins, Delcollo, Dukes, Hocker, Hudson, Kenton, Lawson, Miro, Outten, Ramone, Richardson, D.Short, Simpson, Wilson, Yearick

YES VOTES: [Senate 19-0-1] Every Senator but Cathy Cloutier, who was absent.


HISTORY:  Passed by the Senate 19-0-1.

STATUS: Awaiting action in the House.

5 comments on “SCR4 – Ronald Reagan Day

  1. HyperbolicDem

    You have to keep introducing the resolution, because since it’s Ronald Reagan Day, it keeps getting forgotten.

    Sorry, I had to.

  2. I’m a working musician, if you really are going to hell I’ll tell the guys in advance. As for Bonini my question remains Tweedle Dee? But more likely Tweedle Dumb.

  3. Good thing he doesn’t has bigger issues to worry about! Seriously, what is it with these guys and Reagan? It’s a bit creepy.

    • HyperbolicDem

      In bigger things to worry about news, see Cloutier’s record. It proves your point perfectly.

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