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SB19 – Pilot Program for Disadvantaged Students

Studies have shown that third grade is a critical turning point in educational development and that students who are not preforming at grade level by this point will continue to fall behind their peers at an increasingly rapid pace.  Some students from disadvantaged backgrounds arrive at school lacking the same vocabulary and word recognition skills of their peers, putting them at a disadvantage when developing literacy skills in primary grades.  This bill will create a 3 year pilot program that will seek to help those disadvantaged students during those critical early primary grades to bridge the disparity.   This bill will provide $1 million in grant funding per year, over a 3-year period, to support the pilot program. Under the Act, Delaware State University, Delaware Technical and Community College, and the University of Delaware are invited to help collect and analyze data to assess the program.

UPDATE: 3.13.17

SPONSORS: McDowell, Brady, Bushweller, Briggs King, Cloutier, Heffernan, Henry, Longhurst, Marshall, Mitchell, Pettyjohn



HISTORY: Assigned to Senate Education Committee on 1/24/17

STATUS: Awaiting hearing in committee

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