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HB60 – The Opt Out Bill is Back

This bill creates the right for the parent or guardian of a child to opt out of the annual assessment, currently the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.  It passed last year by veto proof margins but was vetoed by Governor Jack Markell due to his penchant for loving Rodel education “reforms.”  The veto override failed for reasons passing any rational understanding. Hey Senators and Representatives, if you vote yes on a bill, that means you want that bill to become law.   So if the Governor wrongly vetos the bill, you must also vote to override that veto.   Who cares if the Governor might have his fees fees hurt.

Updated 3/13/2017

SPONSORS: Kowalko, Lawson, Baumbach, Henry, Hocker, Hudson, Keeley, Lynn, Paradee, Spiegelman, Williams, Wilson



HISTORY: Introduced on 1/24/17.  Placed in Education Committee.

STATUS: Awaiting hearing in Education Committee.

3 comments on “HB60 – The Opt Out Bill is Back

  1. John Young

    It DOES NOT create the right to opt out whatsoever. It MERELY protects parents and students from retaliation from schools and school leaders who PRESS for students to take tests as they are scared of the bogus, evidence-less claims of efficacy combined with threats from DDOE and USDOE, heretofore NEVER executed, to withhold funding.

    Opting out is already a parent’s right,

  2. John Young

    I feel like this point “create the right” is why it was opposed on the override and is the reformer talking point. Mr. Kowalko has quite a climb to get the nuance cleared up. The problem is that the bill, seeking to codify protection acts like it is creating the right, but the law already provides the right by NOT including parents on the list of people required to give the assessment. There is legal compulsion to administer the tests, but NONE TO TAKE IT.

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