This Isn’t Alarmist, It’s Sound Advice

Via Atrios:

In that spirit, I’m not smart lawyer type, but I wouldn’t recommend that any noncitizen resident of the country (visa/green card, whatever) travel outside the country at the moment if you’re planning to try to come back. Whatever the specific intention of the regulations (or wording), throwing this shit out there on a Friday night with no explanations means that multiple agencies, individuals, and private entities (airlines) have to figure out on their own just how they’re supposed to carry out President Pig F*cker’s instructions.

Atrios is correct. Trump’s executive order is going to cause chaos. How is this going to work? I have no idea – and neither does Trump or the GOP. It’s one of the most un-American executive orders I’ve ever witnessed. This is who we are now. My heart breaks for my country.


5 comments on “This Isn’t Alarmist, It’s Sound Advice

  1. Yep, Atrios was 100% correct.

    Via Reuters:

    People holding so-called green cards, making them legal permanent U.S. residents, are included in President Donald Trump’s executive action temporarily barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, a Department of Homeland security spokeswoman said on Saturday.

    “It will bar green card holders,” Gillian Christensen, acting Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman, said in an email.

  2. Have to admit this has made me furious, not content with making a laughingstock of the country Trump proceeds to portray us as cruel and inhuman monsters. Needless to say this will not end well on many levels and the repercussions will shake this country to it’s roots. Impeachment. Now!

    • I’m furious, too.

      All these fast and furious executive orders are for show. He can’t take a flippin’ second to think anything through and consider the ramifications.

      The protest at JFK airport is growing. Good.

  3. Tomorrow there’s a protest at PHL

    I mean, he signed this order on Holocaust Remembrance Day. This has got to be Bannon’s sick joke.

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