20% Tax on Mexican Imports

And here’s the grand plan to pay for THE WALL:

PHILADELPHIA — President Trump plans to make Mexico pay for his border wall by imposing a 20 percent tax on all imports into the United States from Mexico, raising billions of dollars that would cover the cost of the new barrier.

I don’t think that’s a “tax” but a tariff, a specific form of taxation on goods and services imported from another country. He’ll need legislation to get that done, though. “Mexican imports” is an awfully broad term, and we import a lot of stuff from Mexico. Not the least of which can be many of those parts under your ‘Murican made vehicle’s hood.

But what else do we import from Mexico?


Vehicles, produce, medical equipment. You know, non-essentials.

This is, of course, more smoke and mirrors. Let’s follow this through: say Congress crafts legislation to impose a 20% tariff on Mexican imports. What happens then? Trade with Mexico declines? Maybe. Importers eat the cost of the tariff? Nope. Importers play hot-potato and pass the costs on to consumers? We have a winner!

We’re still going to pay for that damn wall.

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4 comments on “20% Tax on Mexican Imports

  1. cassandram

    Start hoarding tequila NOW.

  2. Surprised the Mexicans have not massed at the border chanting “Mexico Si, Trump No!”

  3. cassandram

    I’m feeling that this nonstop outrage at this man’s appalling trashing of the Government of the US is just not enough. But I wonder what business must think of this? The companies who make electronics, cars, etc — now find themselves having to tell their shareholders why they are being priced out of the markets they are in. Not to mention Americans who are buying electronics especially. This is nation that shops and cheap goods were the promise.

  4. I can’t imagine any of the US automakers are happy right now…

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