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Governing By Chaos – Everything Is Deliberate

Donald Trump’s every action, every word – including every tweet – is deliberate.

Voter fraud = more laws restricting voters and furthering alternative facts

Crowd size = alternative facts and delegitimizing the press

Congratulating FOX “news” = State run media? and alternative facts


Gag orders on government workers and websites going dark = limits on free speech

There’s just so much, and I’ve barely touched on everything else. This is the way Trump ran his campaign and it’s the way he’ll govern. He overwhelms through chaos, thereby denying attention to his entire agenda.

But, make no mistake, there’s a method to his madness. Ignore nothing.


7 comments on “Governing By Chaos – Everything Is Deliberate

  1. Agreed, he’s not a clown, he’s a monster with a plan. Behind it is the propaganda minister Steve Bannon, he should be the first target for removal, tell the world who he is and what he’s doing. Suspect at some point, lord Trump or not, he will not be able to stand the cold light of day.

  2. Oh look!

    “White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested Wednesday that voter ID laws may be a solution to the alleged massive election fraud that President Donald Trump has baselessly suggested cost him the popular vote.”

    I knew this was coming. Trump’s raving about voter fraud and the popular vote weren’t random ramblings. They had a purpose. People need to stop acting like Trump is suffering from some sort of mental illness (altho, the pull is strong to always give white men the excuse of mental illness when they do horrible things. 🙂 ) and see what’s really going on. This was orchestrated.

  3. Message to Trump: Be careful what you wish for

    I read somewhere today (maybe in The Hill) that of four documented voter fraud cases in the 2016 elections, three of the voters voted for Trump.

    PS: I’m not a sock puppet, I’m just switching from one online ID to another.

  4. democrat2017

    By the way, it’s not illegal to be registered in two states, but Trump keeps referring to that in accusations of voter fraud.

  5. Voter Registration is done at the local level. Here at the County level.

  6. I enjoyed reading yyour post

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