Is the Queen Closing?

Thanks to City Councilwoman, Loretta Walsh and friends for clarifying! Given the way this was written, I thought we’d be left with an empty building. Which was really depressing. Details matter, people!

From Loretta’s FB page:

“World Cafe Live IS closing, but not the Queen. WCL is a tenant in the Queen which is run by the Light Up the Queen (LUQ)Foundation. LUQ isn’t going anywhere. The new tenant will be announced shortly.”

And this from delawareonline: “World Cafe Live is leaving the Queen Theater and new management is headed in, keeping it as a live music venue.”

Fingers crossed that the new tenant (rumored to be Live Nation) keeps up the excellent music World Live Cafe was known for – especially our very own local talent. Which is amazing!

5 comments on “Is the Queen Closing?

  1. Good. I saw Facebook posts last night saying it was closing (i.e. the entire building). I am glad that is not true.

    • I saw that, too. I also saw it on blogs. I was really depressed. So glad people that know what’s going on cleared it up!

  2. This set off alarm bells all over the Delaware music community, an early morning WTF? if you will. Supposedly their in talks with a new tenant that will keep the music playing. As a working musician I can tell you live music is in dire straights at this point, some bright spots but far too few. Dare I say it? Support The Arts People! You’ll miss us when we’re gone.

    • They better keep the music playing – local music especially. Seriously, why would anyone go to The Queen if there wasn’t live music? That’s the only reason I go there. I’m not a huge fan of their food. It’s good, but there are far better options… right across the street!

  3. cassandram

    Have heard that Live Music may be the new operator. Not sure what that means, but certainly losing the World Cafe brand is not good. I do hope that whoever the new management team is will make sure that they continue to provide a showcase for local artists.

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