Delaware Republicans Join Letter in Support of Education Sec. Nominee Betsey DeVos

This is a link to a letter from several Republican (and unfortunately even some Democrats) state legislators from around the country urging the approval of the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.    Thankfully, there are no Delaware Democrats that signed on the letter.  But Delaware is shamefully represented by Republican State Senators Gary Simpson, Greg Lavelle, Anthony DeCollo, Ernie Lopez and Brian Pettyjohn.   If you are one of their constituents, and hell, even if you are not, you might want to contact them to register your displeasure with them.

To quote Delaware United, this, and Betsy DeVos, are unacceptable: “Betsy DeVos is the opposite of what we need at the head of the department of education. We do not need to privatize our public school system, we do not need to turn it to a voucher system, and we certainly do not need a drastic influx in preferential charter school system. Our public school system is dying, and less funding will not solve the issue. We need a dynamic and progressive movement to revolutionize how we fund our schools and perpetuate the best solutions for our children’s education.”


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4 comments on “Delaware Republicans Join Letter in Support of Education Sec. Nominee Betsey DeVos

  1. Them there’s education dollars for them in doing this. It’s always about money to these guys.

  2. Al Franken said it best: “If you were not rich would you be here today?”. Like all the rest of Trump’s appointees the goal is destruction leading to power and profit. And yes, it’s always about money.

  3. I love the chutzpah of Pettyjohn… Unless I’m confusing him with someone else, he was the proud Sussex Central grad, praising the much-needed experience of Susan Bunting as she was nominated for DE Sec of Ed…

    And here he is enthusiastically endorsing a person with zero experience for U.S. Sec of Ed… Makes me think he’d have been all in favor of Mark Murphy’s nomination by Trump, no?

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