Coons is on Fire. Now Opposes Nikki Haley for the UN.

Foreign policy is Senator Coon’s love and focus in the U.S. Senate, and so far he disapproves entirely of President Trump’s proposed diplomatic team. First, with Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson.  Now with President Trump’s nominee to represent the U.S. at the United Nations, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.   Here is his statement:

“While I respect Governor Haley’s work as Governor of South Carolina, she did not convince me that she understands and embraces the foreign policy principles that the United States has championed over the past seventy years to serve effectively as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. The position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations requires a high level of expertise on international affairs, not someone who will be learning on the job. Should Governor Haley be confirmed by the full Senate, I look forward to working with her to make the U.N. more effective in advancing American interests and values.”

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8 comments on “Coons is on Fire. Now Opposes Nikki Haley for the UN.

  1. While it would have been great if he had taken this hard of line before, credit where credit is due. Keep it up, Senator – not just when we lose elections.

  2. Glad Booker is taking all the heat for the Pharma vote? We didn’t forget. There aren’t even any Pharma jobs in DE any more either. Booker had that on his side at least.

    • Pete, no, I did not forget Coons’ vote on that. However, I am engaging in positive reinforcement here. If I am going to blast him when Coons does a bad thing, I feel it only fair to thank him when he does a good thing. Many Progressives need to learn that. Perhaps they would have more influence.

  3. I welcome these votes from Coons as well, but like most of you have been deeply disappointed by the little rascal more than a few times. As noted the sell out to Big Pharma still riles my blood aplenty. As Pandora notes: Where the hell were you before we were defeated? As usual in Delaware we’re back to “take what you can get” mode.

    • cassandram

      I think, though, that part of the “resistance” project is about making it really clear to these guys that being blue in a blue state is not enough. They’ve gotten pretty comfy not representing us unless it is a social issue. That needs to change. On the other hand, Chuck Schumer has so far voted for every bit of this corrupt cabinet. Every.Bit. Not a good sign coming from Dem leadership, I think.

      • Agreed, the DNC needs to go as a whole. Pelosi and Schumer may be incredible fund raisers but they have failed, twice in a row.

  4. Apparently the fire has spread as Coons is not only voting no on DeVos at Education but , for him , a fiesty Hell No!

  5. It worries me that it’s easy to vote like a Dem when your vote doesn’t matter.

    Yes, these votes are important and credit is due, but this fight against what this administration is doing will require doing far more than just voting against it.

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