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Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we can.

If you listened to Barack Obama’s final speech to the nation, you’ll recognize this as his last encouraging message to all of us listening.  I brought that back because yesterday’s Women’s March made me feel for the first time since November 9 that there is going to be another political chapter to fight for.

Just getting onto 95 at the Christiana Mall 6:30 yesterday was an astonishment — it was rush hour traffic on the southbound side with lots of buses heading towards DC. The Delaware Service Center looked like it might have been the alternate parking lot for RFK Stadium, there were so many buses stopped there. It was still dark, still misty and still foggy, but this was going to be an EVENT.

Traffic really slowed up approaching the DC Beltway and the exit to the Greenbelt Station was closed off; New Carrolton Metro was closed and we ended up parking at Landover to catch the Orange Metro into DC.  The train was good-naturedly PACKED (and got more packed at each station) and when we all spilled out at Capitol East, there was singing and chanting as we walked up to exit the station.

I can’t do the amazing crowd any justice — just that there was a sea of pink working its way past the Capitol towards the Air & Space Museum.  It was packed, wall to wall men and women and kids in pink hats moving towards Independence Ave.  We wouldn’t know until we got back to our bus that there were 500,000 people there.

We heard some of the speakers — Michael Moore, Van Jones, America Fererra, Rep, Maxine Waters, Cecile Richards, Sophie Cruz! and indulged in the energy of so many people who wanted to send a message about not retreating on women’s rights and a bunch of other issues.  We made new friends, complemented each other on signs, chanted, applauded, Said Their Names and called for organizers to Start the March.

So much empowerment and so many people who came out to remind each other that we do have the power.

Back on the bus, basking in the energy and finally having enough internet service to see the reports on not just the DC March, but all of them, we were just exhilarated, by the massive outpouring of so many voices around the world. But as we made our way back to Delaware, some of us started the conversation about what to do next — because all of this energy can’t just be a one-time thing. (A former Obama staffer writes on the importance of sustained action here.) On Sunday, the conversation continued in various groups where we organized for the March.

So what is next? There’s not one big thing, but there’s definitely a list:

And this list is not complete.  What would you add?

More importantly, what will you do?

NOTE:  I deleted the SwingLeft site since there may be issues with it.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

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  1. cassandram

    Another possible action, this one in Philly this week:

    On January 26, Trump and every Republican member of Congress and the Senate will gather in Philadelphia to meet for the first time since inauguration to plan their 2017 agenda.


    We, the people, stand together to resist their cynical agenda of greed, hate, and division.

  2. The Indivisible Guide says that one of the easiest ways to get involved is to call your elected representatives (I think they mean state representatives as well as senators and congresspeople). An initiative that takes that ball and runs with it is The 65: We’re His Problem Now, which suggests a calling plan — Monday and Tuesday for weekly priorities and the next three days for the issues you feel strongly about. Website:, and they have a Facebook page (search The 65).
    Last night, as a follow-up to the march, there was a teach-in type call led by, Indivisible Guide, and the Working Families Party — there were something like 20,000 listening in. They are promoting ResistTrumpTuesdays, where local groups make visits to the local offices of their national reps each Tuesday, with press releases, media coverage, recording the visit (or whatever happens) — old-fashioned local citizen action. More info here:
    The website for ResistTrumpTuesdays is here:

    What I like about all of the above is that these organizations are sharing tools and ideas and providing encouragement and resources for local groups, without setting a strict agenda or demanding loyalty to a specific platform aside from some basic principles — from my notes from the call:
    Group registration tool on Indivisible – these are the principles groups must agree to:
    – You think that Trump agenda is an abomination
    – Local defensive congressional advocacy is the strategy
    – Embrace of progressive values
    – Don’t be a jerk! (although we are using Tea Party tactics, we are not acting like Tea Party adherents)

    MoveOn adds:
    – Non-violence (change comes through telling our own stories)
    – De-escalation (work to de-escalate situations, to stay focused and keep ourselves safe)

    WorkingFamilies adds:
    – Come to it out of a place of love

    I’m glad to see that Delaware United has signed on as an Indivisible group. There are nine such groups in Delaware already.

    • cassandram

      Thank you, Paula! This is exceptional information. I’m thinking Blue Delaware should have a page for Resistance Resources to capture them all as a library.

  3. cassandram

    Not so much an action but a handy guide from a Venezuelan who lived through a destructive populist leader:

    How to Culture Jam a Populist in Four Easy Steps

  4. @Cassandra, there is this site, which lists some:
    I bet whatever comes from the Network Delaware meeting could be added — blurb, contact info, website or the like.
    If you wanted to incorporate all this into a Blue Delaware resource library (rather than duplicate the effort), I could put you in contact with the site owner . . .
    I’ve seen a lot of resources pop up over the past couple of weeks to the point where I am just paralyzed by the choices. I’m trying to focus on the phone calls until I find a group that covers my electoral district.

  5. Elaine Smith

    Thanks, Paula and Pandora, for your important efforts. I just called Carper and left my message to reject Betsy DeVos as Secy. of Ed. He said he’d convey the message. Coons’ message machine was on and full. I’ll try him again later.
    Michael Moore’s speech at the March was effective!

    • I think you meant Cassandra, Elaine. People always confuse us! 😉

      This is a great resource of information. I will be at the Network Delaware Kick-Off on the 30th. Hope we have a great turn-out!

  6. I sent Senator Carper’s aide scrambling just now to find any kind of statement made about the Women’s March. I said I had noticed his absence, especially compared to LBR up there on the dias with the House Black Women’s Caucus and all the tweets from Senator Coons from the march. I said how great it would be if he signed on as a co-sponsor of the ERA bill that was just submitted. Coons is a sponsor.
    This is starting to be fun. To be fair, the aide said that he supported the march but hadn’t put out a press release. Also that Mrs. Carper attended.
    You know, it would be cool to have a comment thread for these kinds of calls. I think we could inspire one another. I know that Elaine’s comment got me to look at the time and make these calls before 4:30.

    • cassandram

      One thing I wish I knew when they were all solumnly pledging to go to the Inauguration that they planned on being at the march too. Would have made the news easier.

  7. Yes we can, yes we did, yes we will, again and again and again, until this country is restored to the right path again. People always feel too small to make a difference but the Women’s March has shown us that together we can move mountains. I hope to see some of you at the Delaware United meeting tonight, and the Network meeting next week!

    • I’m so bummed I can’t make tonight’s meeting (company in town), but I’ll see you at the Network Delaware meeting next week! Looking forward to meeting you, Josh.

      • I look forward to meeting you to Pandora! Don’t worry, we’ll be having our next public meeting next month. I’ll let you know the date when I find out.

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