Delaware United Interviews SD10 Democratic Candidate Stephanie Hansen

Delaware United, a relatively new organization that seeks to shake up old political labels and definitions while seeking common ground to advance what I would call a host of liberal or progressive issues (see more on that here) has interviewed Stephanie Hansen, the Democratic candidate for the special election to replace former Senator and now Lt. Governor Bethany Hall Long in the 10th Senate District.   For reasons passing understanding has yet to be scheduled, though it must be scheduled soon (within 10 days of the resignation of the Senator, which was on or about last Tuesday, January 17).

Delaware United has graciously allowed us to publish their interview of Ms. Hansen so that more people can see it.    Thanks again DU!

Delaware politics from a liberal, progressive and Democratic perspective. Keep Delaware Blue.

1 comment on “Delaware United Interviews SD10 Democratic Candidate Stephanie Hansen

  1. The microphone and camera should’ve been on Miss Hanson, it was difficult to hear her and I would’ve liked to of had more information. It was a fair effort.
    Thank you

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