Marching on Washington

This weekend, more people will participate in the Women’s March on Washington and in hundreds of “sister marches” across the country than celebrated Mein Fuhrer’s inauguration yesterday.  Women and men will advocate for the protection of all people’s rights, safety, health, and families.  Our very own Cassandra is en route down to DC as we speak.  Cassandra reported on her Facebook page that when they passed by the Delaware Service area on 95 and the parking lot is filled with buses!

Rep. Debra Heffernan has a message for the next generation of leaders: “I want to tell every young woman out there that you should have the same rights and ambitions as every guy.”

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5 comments on “Marching on Washington

  1. Bill Cortes

    Men of “Quality” support “Equality”. Thanks to all the marchers……

  2. I am so depressed I couldn’t go. I’m sick with with an awful stomach bug. Yesterday, I nixed DC and was hoping to go to Philly. Last night I switched to Newark. This morning I’m in bed – sick and depressed.

  3. Bet Trump wishes he had this problem.

    Rachel Joy Larris ‏@RachelLarris 30m30 minutes ago

    Police around Clarendon Metro not letting anyone in station. Word is Metro is “full” @unsuckdcmetro

    Psst… you know this is killing him.

  4. C-Span 2 is broadcasting it. That’s 96, I think. Ashley Judd just gave a spoken word performance right now, it’s amazing.

  5. Lisa Blunt Rochester is up no the podium in DC as a member of the Black Women’s Caucus — nice shout-out from Rep. Maxine Waters.

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