President* Trump’s Inauguration Thread

Yes, I’ll be watching and reporting what’s going on in the comments. Join me, if you’re watching.

I watched last night and was completely embarrassed for our country. The world thinks we’re idiots. Yep, he’s still in campaign mode, although I think it’s really just Donald mode. Last night he was still on about his grievances. I especially loved his spin on crowd size last night. He said he was so surprised that so many people showed up for this little concert, implying that this was an impromptu event that wasn’t advertised/scheduled.

I can’t imagine what his inauguration speech will sound like. (Vox has a bingo card for the event.) Yesterday, I wrote a comment of what I expected:

There’s no way Trump stays on script during his inaugural address. No flippin’ way.

My bet is that his first off-script remark will be about crowd size and how Yuge it is. His second will be about how he’s the winner and the haters lost. His third will be about how his DC hotel is filled to capacity and how luxurious it is and how he’s the greatest negotiator ever!

So… if you’re watching today, add your thoughts to the comments. I’ll probably start drinking early. Vodka seems appropriate.

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36 comments on “President* Trump’s Inauguration Thread

  1. Any guesses on crowd size – since this really matters to Trump.

  2. Looks comparable to 2013. Does not beat 2009.

  3. I don’t drink so I can’t watch.

  4. Lot’s of Jesus name dropping going on right now. These “blessings” are sending a clear message to non-christians. Not inclusive.

  5. Thanks for watching Pandora. I can’t take it, so I’ll be watching through your commentary.

  6. Holy crap! Right after Pence’s swearing in, someone in the crowd yelled, “Lock her (?) up!

    (I’m not sure if they yelled “her” or “them”, but they did yell it. Deplorables.)

  7. It’s done. sob

  8. Speech starting now. He just thanked… the people of the world???

  9. cassandram

    I’m not watching either and NPR is OFF everywhere. WXPN’s playlist has been intriguing this AM, though.

  10. “From this day forward it will be America first. America first.”

    “I will fight for you with every breath in my body and never let you down.”

  11. These promises are off the chart – and leave no wiggle room.

  12. Oh wow.

    “It is the right of all nations to put their interests first.”

  13. I’m getting mixed messages from this speech — but oh god he just mentioned radical islamic terrorism. And now he’s saying to keep our minds open?

    • Mixed messages like fixing all our infrastructure and… getting everyone off welfare – which is 100% doable if you just get rid of the department! See? No more people on welfare!

  14. What’s all this about god suddenly? Is that Pence’s influence, or some attempt to “elevate” the speech. — The verdict: modified campaign speech.

    • Trump’s using god as a way to blame god when Trump fails to deliver. He’ll be all, “It’s god’s will that we aren’t great again.” 😉

  15. I gotta say that all these “religious blessings” are very depressing. Not exactly lift-you-up messages.

  16. Know what? I think Trump did write that speech, all by himself.

  17. I’m really uncomfortable with all this Jesus Christ stuff. I suddenly feel a bit not quite American enough. That plus the two bomb scares at the JCC . . .

  18. In Stephen King novels there is a moment where some person (or people) do something rash and stupid and set in motion some sort of cataclysm. I have the same feeling now that I have at those parts of the story.

  19. That had to be the depressing and dark inauguration I’ve ever seen. There was nothing inspiring.

    And… now the media is describing Trump’s 2nd grade vocabulary as “workman’s speech”. Really?

  20. I had to turn off the radio when the recap started (listening to NPR). I kept thinking, “but we’re not supposed to pay attention to the words, we’re supposed to look into his heart, right?” Where is that commentary? Thanks for live blogging, Pandora. I needed a reality/sanity check during that. Now will try to get back to work and try not to fly off the handle.

  21. cassandram


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