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Vote Tracker Update

We have our first action in the General Assembly, and thus first major updates to our Vote Tracker page.   The action we are interested in, aside from the new bills that have just be filed, are the following actions on the legislation listed below.

HS/HB12 – Special Education Funding for K-3 – Williams – On the Ready List.

Kim Williams’ bill to provide Special Ed funding for grades K through 3 has been reported out of committee with 4 Favorable, 9 On the Merits.  It is now on the Ready List for a vote on the floor of the House.

HB35 – Targeting Illicit Massage Parlors – B.Short – On the Ready List.

Bryon Short’s bill that targets illicit massage parlors for regulation and inspection has been voted out of Committee (Sunset) in the House with 4 Favorable.  It is now on the Ready List for a vote on the floor of the House.

HJR2 – Rejecting the Pay Raise – Schwartzkopf – On the Ready List.

The bipartisan resolution to reject the Delaware Compensation Commission’s pay raise recommendations for state officials has been released from the House Administration Committee with 4 On Its Merits.

3 comments on “Vote Tracker Update

  1. Love the local flare to this site! Thanks

  2. Kim Williams’ bill concerns me significantly on fiscal implications alone. Budget gap of >$300 million + Increasing Education Spending + $0 in new revenue sources = Problem. That funding has to come from somewhere and if the state is not creating new revenue streams, something else has to be cut.

    I 100% agree that K-3 special ed is needed. I do not agree that it stands to be implemented without funding. What ends up being cut to fund the new K-3 Special Ed units?

    • I would 100% favor the elimination of all statewide testing contracts even at full risk of federal accountability penalties (which would both remove money from DE and their concomitant COSTLY accounting requirements so net $$ could be lower than the testing elimination savings) as a legitimate starting point to try and ID $$ available to do right by K-3 Spec Ed.

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