Mat Marshall Makes an Eloquent Plea

Below is a Facebook post from Mat Marshall. The title should read Another Eloquent Post in the Form of a Plea from Mat Marshall, but that was a little wordy. He is an excellent writer, which makes this request all the more compelling. Thank you Mat, for your writing and your commitment to this cause. I did not know your sister, but I do know she would be very proud of what you have become. And yes, I include cranky, bearded, hipster, with an uncanny ability to be easily made into a meme. But also, for your honoring her memory by supporting and promoting this event.



5 comments on “Mat Marshall Makes an Eloquent Plea

  1. I remember when this tragedy happened. It was heartbreaking.

    I’ll donate, because I’m not 5k material.

    Thanks for posting this, HyperbolicDem, and thanks to Matt for informing us and writing such a beautiful piece.

  2. HyperbolicDem

    Thank you, Pandora!

  3. Did he delete the post?

    • Oops. Link still works.

    • HyperbolicDem

      Something happened on Facebook’s side that altered the security settings. I tried to fix it, but it wouldn’t work. So, I just took a screen shot and hyperlinked it.

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